The true reflection of us

This is my entry for the keeping it real competition to show why us girls are truly beautiful inside out and we shouldn't let anyone tell us differently.

My entry addresses beauty,vanity,bullying and wisdom. #keepingitreal


1. Our truth

                                The true reflection of us


Being individuals is what makes us stand out not acting all alike, not looking all alike, not behaving all alike but by being you. Feeling comfortable in your own skin. What does that mean feeling comfortable in your own skin? To be who you are, to accept who you are, to embrace who you are; dark skin, light skin, dark hair, light hair, brown eyes, blue eyes, all shapes, all forms anytime anywhere.


To act as a woman:
Society weighs on women. Us women need to put 110% to get an equal view from men. We spend more money in clothes and beauty products than anyone else. Beauty is one of the most successful businesses out there. Are they milking money from our low self-esteems?

We need to dress,look and act good. We have an image to sustain, to be kept alive a false image that is not us. Every article we read affects, every movie we watch affects, every commercial we watch affects and all of them send an image of this artificial woman that is beyond "perfect". You're running in a desert after this false mirage that keeps changing day by day. So everytime you reach the "perfect" status a new perfection is found making you run again. It is unreachable because it does not exist.

We need to lose ourselves. Is that the truth behind the commercials that are showing us an image that
clearly is unreachable only with a misleading slogan to encourage us to buy.

Women are placed in a lose lose situation if naturally we aren't reaching the bar that is set so high
we aren't attractive and if we rely on plastic surgery we will be hailed fake.
Well if I'm not accepted naturally nor when I'm surgically enhanced then why bother if the result will be the same.


Young girls are being exposed to sex at an early age making intelligence neither wanted nor valued. The poison that takes the place of knowledge is all beauty and unfortunately the artificial kind that misleads them.

Young girls intend to post pictures in  numerous sites in order to find out what people think of their appearance. Some may answer brutally which leads to cyber bullying that eventually ends in unfortunate waste of a valuable life as the bullies don't see the consequences of their actions and the victims not knowing where to seek help and incapable to bear the sharp words so take their own lives. You may ask why do they do that? Why do they post pictures? Well some for curiosity but most have a low self-esteem caused by us promoting artificial beauty.


Most girls I know that have dyed their hair don't remember what their natural hair colour was.
Society feeds us fake nails, hair, lashes not to mention the pounds of make-up and if that's not enough we need to worry about our weight. Do we have the perfect shape? What is the perfect shape?
What is perfection in itself? Perfection is defined by us it's time we call ourselves perfect.


Our natural self is being hidden that true beauty that is in us and hopefully shall remain within us.
Remember girls we have something that can't be measured with all the wealth that life has to is what makes us strong, that makes us see the righteousness, it is us, our soul, our mind, our will that tells, sees and appreciates the truth.


Wisdom can't be measured with silver and gold it's priceless. We can be who we want to be without hurting and changing but remaining, understanding and accepting ourselves

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