Let Me Love You

Your boy meets girl typical love, except.. Do they all have happy endings?
Lacey Vendie Looks back on her past love story and heart breaking ending.
But when reunited with him can she and her lover Zayn rewrite their story without history repeating it self? Read more to find out :)


1. Thinking back

I sat there, gazing at the blank white walls. Everything was so quiet, lifeless, and depressing. I shifted nervously in my seat, my fingers tugging and fixing my dress listening to the soft ticking of the clock. One two... Why was I even here, oh wait it was because I was trying to move on and stop having crazy memories of some boy... I felt a lump in my throat form and my heart start to beat a faster. No no oh god no I thought to myself as I shut my eyes tightly. It all started to replay in my head, all the memories I had tried to so hard to push away, to forget them, to forget him. It had all gone so wrong, he had always said to enjoy the roller coaster of life... And I'll admit our love was a damn roller coaster, but before I continue on, maybe I should rewind and tell you the classic tale of boy meets girl.. But without the happy ending....
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