Let Me Love You

Your boy meets girl typical love, except.. Do they all have happy endings?
Lacey Vendie Looks back on her past love story and heart breaking ending.
But when reunited with him can she and her lover Zayn rewrite their story without history repeating it self? Read more to find out :)


9. Talk about awkward

Zayns POV:
Damn that was awkward... I thought to myself as I put on my jeans vneck and leather jacket. Thoughts swirled around in my head like a storm, how will Lacey react to seeing perrie? How will they all react to seeing her here? How will she be able to walk with me disabling her ability? Billions of these questions swirled around in my mind. Shake it off, just improvise I told myself. I fixed my hair so it wouldn't look like sex hair but it was no use, it's was quite obvious what we had done last night. I shrugged and went downstairs. "Oi there he is!" Niall said walking over to me with his arms out. "Im surprised your up this early!" Louis said half amused. Perrie gave me small smile and looked away. She didn't seem as beautiful as I thought she was before, now she's just ordinary, nothing special nothing like Lacey and I liked it. "Where Harry at?" Liam asked. "RIGHT HERE!" He yelled his voice loud and clear. He came bounding down the stairs Lacey on his back laughing and smiling. She was wearing long skinny jeans, boots, and a regular shirt with a scarf that covered her love bites. The guys gave a little gasp and stepped foreword. "L-Lacey is that you?" Niall stuttered. Perries head fast whipped her direction, her eyes staring at her. Lacey nodded slightly avoiding perries death stares. I walked over and took her off Harry's back, I carried her and kissed her. "Oh gods haha Haven't seen you in awhile!" Liam exclaimed. "Did Zayn use protection?" Louis asked winking. "OKAY! Well this is lovely why don't we go eat..." I said trying to change the subject while shooting deadly looks at Louis, who just laughed.
Perries eyes moved from me to Lacey being in my arms. "So where we eating?" I asked. "NANDOS!" Niall yelled raising his hands in the air. Lacey just laughed, "haven't been there in awhile," "Gods Niall not nandos again!" Liam and harry complained. "Shut up ratchet cunts and get in the damn car, were going to nandos." Niall put on his glasses and strutted out the door. We all couldn't help but laugh, "Looks like we've got a new sass master," I joked. "Shush pretty peasant boy, no one is better at sass than the Tommo." And with that he strutted out after Niall.
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