Let Me Love You

Your boy meets girl typical love, except.. Do they all have happy endings?
Lacey Vendie Looks back on her past love story and heart breaking ending.
But when reunited with him can she and her lover Zayn rewrite their story without history repeating it self? Read more to find out :)


4. Flash backs

Lacey's POV
I had remembered every bit of our love story. From that day we first met, when I had given myself to him, and the non stop fighting that came with it. I shook my head bitterly, "Zayn Malik," I murmured. I shut my eyes, I remembered how we used to just cuddle late at night and how his strong arms would wrap around me, the way he sang to me if I had trouble falling asleep. Then the nights leading up to our non stop arguing, him being drunk when ever I'd come home, or how he often went clubbing, and would come back in the mornings, having a lovely session the night before, and me sometimes kissing his best friend. We were falling apart, were fighting a war against each other and neither of us were winning.

The front door creaked open and I could hear the sound of his footsteps against the wooden floor. I hugged my knees tightly and glanced up to see him, his back against the wall, his hair all messed up, the red lipstick print on his cheek, and the faint scent of Perries perfume lingering on his clothing. I sighed and shook my head, I didn't even need to tell him how disappointed I was, he knew he fucked up big time. He opened his mouth to say something but quickly shut it. "I'm.. s-so sorry, I was drunk a-and I-" I raised my hand and stopped him. "This is like the second time, sorry doesn't mean anything if you don't truly mean it." I got up and walked to our bedroom grabbing my bag and hastily putting clothes in. "Where do you think your going?" He asked his voice raising. "I'm going to find someone that won't hurt me as much as you do," I shot at him. "IM SORRY!! I Was drunk I didn't know what I was thinking of! It's not like YOU haven't done anything behind my back cuz I sure as hell know you DO!" He sneered. I cringed, I may have kissed Harry a couple times but that's all nothing too over the top. "at least I didn't bang him," I narrowed my eyes and continued shoving clothes. I held back from crying how did we start drifting away, it seemed as if those last two weeks were nothing but tension ~

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