Let Me Love You

Your boy meets girl typical love, except.. Do they all have happy endings?
Lacey Vendie Looks back on her past love story and heart breaking ending.
But when reunited with him can she and her lover Zayn rewrite their story without history repeating it self? Read more to find out :)


6. Catching up

Lacey's pov 8
I turned around as I met his warm brown eyes, instantly I felt my knees go weak. "Zayn..." I muttered. He just laughed and smirked. "I haven't seem you in forever," he stepped back and eyed me still grinning. I couldn't help but blush, he was checking me out. Should I be happy for seeing him again? Or should I just shut him out and walk away. I had two choices, but those could wait right? "Yeah haven't talked in forever..." I said Half heartedly. He stopped staring and his face softened. "I was wondering if you'd like to catch up, you know grab a nice coffee and chill at my flat. I bit my lip, it wouldn't hurt, plus he doesn't have feelings for me anyway. I felt a sharp jab in my heart. "Yeah I'd love too," he smiled and laced his arm through mine. "So tell me, where have you been?" I asked as we walked. "We've been everywhere, almost starting 2013 tour, and we've got a couple awards in this past year." I nodded. "That's good that's good," silence fell over us as we walked. I didn't want to say another word, and by his facial expression I'm guessing he liked it better silent. We reached A small coffee shop and he opened the door for me. He smiled cheekily and I stuck my tongue out playfully. "Do you want anything?" He asked. "No thanks, ill just grab a table." I spotted an empty table way in the back and plopped my self into its empty chair. What was I doing? Why was I being nice to him?! He lefts broken inside and here I am getting coffee with him. I mentally slapped my self, I should've lied and said I had to go to a doctors appointment. Within minutes he came back with a hot coffee and a cookie. "So what about you? What have you done?" He asked. "Well nothing much really, um after I uh-" I looked him in the eyes. He knew what I was going to say, until I left you... But I had caught my self and stopped. "After I moved out..got a new job, new flat," I avoided saying seeing my depression doctor. "That's awesome, have you um got a boyfriend?" He asked. I sighed and shook my head. "Honestly I'm done with love.." He took a deep breath and I could see the hurt in his eyes, but I didn't care, it was true... I was so over it.

Zayns POV: 9
"Honestly I'm done with love" rang in my head. I couldn't help but feel horrible, I knew she didn't want to say it, but i was the reason why she was so hurt, why she was so over it. She looked away and stared at the passing cars. I cleared my throat and she glanced at me. "I'm sorry.." I said. "For everything... I just want to still get to know you be your.." I stopped and she finished my sentence, "friend Zayn yeah I'd like that too." her face lightened. Yeah friend it was a good start right? I stared at her for awhile. Her once blue eyes were now a faded blue no longer had the light and sparkle that they once held, her face looked tired, but still beautiful, it seemed as if she was like an old beautiful painting. It was worn and dusty on the outside yet still beautiful in every aspect. "So you wanna head to the flat now?" I asked. She nodded and got up, and I held the door open for her. "Ladies first," I said as I glanced up and down her body. She walked infront of me and swayed her hips, "Don't stare at my ass Malik.." She joked. I laughed and smirked, typical...

~at the flat~
No ones POV
So the old lovers laughed and joked, once more, like old times. They drank the night away, stumbling and falling onto each other. "You know, I've thought about you alot.." She confessed, staring into his eyes. He stayed quiet, surprised she had said this, not knowing if it was the alcohol talking or if it was really her feelings. "Well I missed you too," he finally admitted. They both smiled at each other, they knew what was coming. He pulled her by her waist, pressed her tightly against him, and soon their lips collided.
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