Let Me Love You

Your boy meets girl typical love, except.. Do they all have happy endings?
Lacey Vendie Looks back on her past love story and heart breaking ending.
But when reunited with him can she and her lover Zayn rewrite their story without history repeating it self? Read more to find out :)


5. Are you sure about that?

Zayns POV:
I sighed as I looked through some old pictures on my phone. I could feel my heart beat slow as my thumb wavered over one of the albums titled, Lacey. Lacey vendie, the girl who changed me. I hadn't talked to her in ages.. Mainly because I was too afraid she would hate me, our love was pretty screwed up, but in the end everything always ended up right.. Why not now... I sighed as I clicked on the album. Instantly her smiling face filled my screen. One picture after another, each one with her deep blue eyes and her beautiful smile. My lips formed into a sad smile as I came across our pictures together. She was in the middle of her adorable laugh,after Harry had joked about her ovaries exploding at the sight of me. And she was sitting on my lap as she laughed, her face so happy. I put my phone on the table face down so I wouldn't have to see her. My heart was breaking just thinking about her, everything was just so damn complicated. I remembered how broken and hurt she looked that day, when I came home, and the bomb just broke, and killed us and our love. Ever since then I just stopped looking for a girl, I was too afraid of hurting or disappointing. I let out a shaky breath. "Thinking about her again?" Nialls voice echoed. I was too wrapped up in my thoughts to Even notice he had walked in. I just looked at him and he nodded. "ya know mate, in your sleep you'd sometimes say her name," he said sitting next to me. I let out a half laugh, and bit my bottom lip. I miss her so much I whisper her name in my sleep, wow. "really.." "You haven't gone with us to any clubs.. Any parties.. Why not just go out, look man that was 3 months ago, get some fresh air and quit being so sulky." "I don't know man, I just guess I still love her, I mean I messed up pretty bad and all I wanna do is at least make it up to her, but I bet she's long gone somewhere else.. Or with someone else.. Three months is pretty long" "Hey man who knows just go out for a walk, maybe you'll bump into another girl," he patted my back and stood up, "I've gotta go, meeting up with Demi," he grinned and walked out. I stood up and fixed myself, maybe going out is a good idea. I checked myself in the mirror, grabbed my phone and keys and walked out the door.
I felt the instant cold air nip at my face . I shoved my hands deep in my pockets and kept my head low. Luckily not many people were out so I wasn't mobbed by girls only a few fans and that's all. Little snow flakes fell from the gray clouds, an little mounds of white covered the sidewalk. I let my eyes wander around, watching the cold dreary scene that was snowy London. I pulled out my phone, and went on twitter. I did the usual, check the daily messages, did some deep advice giving, and text while at it. I smiled reading all the amazing comments, OMG ZAYN I LOVE YOU! ZAYN FATHER MY CHILDREN! "Well then," I said to myself laughing. Just then An eruption of screams rang out from behind me. "OH MY GOD ZAYN MALIK!" And that's when it started, I started zipping through streets and empty alleyways. After about 13 rights 3 lefts and over a dozen circles I ran I finally lost them. I let out a pant, "God I'm out of shape." I turned around and started jogging. I guess I wasn't looking where I was going because the next THIng I knew I was on the snowy floor. I heard a small whimper and I looked over next to me. A girl with brown hair was on the floor, I guess I must've knocked her down. Her eyes were closed but she was still breathing. "hey sorry," I said sheepishly as I stood up, she opened her eyes which were a faded blue, as if she spent most of her days tired and sad. She sucked in her breath and her facial expression hardened. "It's fine," she denied my hand and stood up, brushing the snow off her dress muttering. I swear she looked so familiar. "Sorry," I apologized again, "it's all good," she step aside and walked the opposite direction. Strange.. "have I met you before?" I blurted out. She laughed and flipped her brown hair laughing, "No we haven't."

It was exactly like.. My eyes widened and i sprinted up to her and grabbed her arm. "Are you sure about that? Cuz the last time I remembered you were my girlfriend Lacey," I gave a small smirk as she turned to face me, "Zayn..."
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