Amanda's Plea

You may or may not have heard Amanda Todd's story. She was severely bullied, both physically and verbally, and ended up taking her own life. Her story touched me so much, I decided to write a poem about it. Please like and comment, I love advice!


1. Amanda's Plea

You had the looks of an angel, and a heart of gold.

You did what was right, and didn't have to be told.

Your head was screwed on, and you kept your composer,

Until you made a mistake, and your life changed forever.


You were tortured every day, you were paying the price.

You gave up your life, a true sacrifice.

You sat alone at lunch, and you were called every name.

You were tired of dealing with their stupid mind game.


You cried your eyes out, but nobody cared.

You screamed out your lungs, but no one was there.

You were tough at the core, and you fought til' the end,

But what you really needed, was an honest true friend.


They never rescued you, or came to your aid,

Because just like others, they were too afraid.

Too afraid to stand up for what was truly right,

They just played along, and didn't put up a fight.


You posted videos, and asked for assistance,

You tried almost everything, but all you got was resistance.

You were in so much pain, so you grabbed the knife,

And without a second thought, you ended your life.


Why do we live in a world full of hate,

Where one wrong step determines our fate?

Who are we to judge, and severely hurt others,

When really in life, we are all sisters and brothers?


Dedicated in loving memory of Amanda Todd. ♥

November 27, 1996- October 10, 2012








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