find my way back home

a girl named shlya lives with her father. whe n she was younger her mother died by drugs. ever since her mom died her dad started to drink every night, did drugs and aboused her. shyla has a little sister who is only 4 years old and is trying to get her away from him so he couldnt hurt her too. one day she finally gets away and finds an old friend liam who helps her and her sister. they ended up falling in love and he becomes famouse in a band. this is shyla and her diary of her secrets and what has happend ever since her mom died.


1. whe nit all started

Dear diary, today is wednesday october 17 2401.

today is  the day of my moms funaral. once again my father is drunk. today i was with natasha helping her learn her ABC's when he came over to me and started yelling at me that it was my fault that my mother had died. i took natasha into my room and locked our selfs in thier once again. natasha kept questioning me i, but i couldnt just answer. i started crying. my back was on the door and he was tryin to come in. i need to get natasha outta her for her best. i told her to get the my iphone from, the dresser. i looked for someone who could take her adn run away. no one. like always i only 1 friend. my old friend who had moved away 2 years ago liam. he lived to far adn it would take for ever to get here. so i called my moms cell and my father,finally left to go see who it was.  we got downstairs and i told her to run as far as she culd and to meet me and the golden lake where my mom used to bring us and that i would e there as soon as i could. i finally got her to leave now i had to.


i went up to my room treying  not to make a sound when i made a creek in the floor. ''SHYLA IS THAT YOU?!'' it was hard to breath normal when you had been crying and running up the stairs. he had cought up to me and pulled my leg so i would fall down on the stairs. he picked me up and slamed me onto the floor in the living room. she started punching me then trough a lamp at me. he got more aggrssive. i had cuts on my face and bruses on my body. i then had a moment of my moms voice in head.*your a stong girl fight him!* it repeated over and over again. iu got vup and punched him in the face. he pushed me back on the floor. i kicked him in the balls. nothing really. then i my nabour came in. and started punching him. and got him down. he came over to me. '' hey im your nabour. i just moved in here... i think you should call 911.'' '' no and your his new nabour not mine. im im running away. now i git ti gi meet my little sister so thannk you'' '' wait! ill drive you so you dont get hurt any more'' i couldnt say no to that irish accent. '' okay..and are you from irland? you sound like it'' '' haha yeah im niall by the way.'' '' im shyla and my sisters name is natasha.'' we got into his parents car and was heading to the golden lake. '' .. urm can i ask you something shyla?'' '' yeah sure'' '' why was your dad beating you up?'' '' he thinks its my fault my mom died .. but the real reason was from O.D.. and today was her funaral. he didnt let us go.'' i said otting my head down and played wit hmy nail. ''do you have a  place to live? or like go to when you run away?'' '' no. im just gonna.. i dont know what im gonna do.'' '' oh..ok so how old are you? im 16.'' '' im 15 and my sister is 4.'' '' shes so young... and you let her run away'' '' it was the best for her i hope she remebers where goldnen lake is.'' '' if she is not there i will help you look for her.''

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