find my way back home

a girl named shlya lives with her father. whe n she was younger her mother died by drugs. ever since her mom died her dad started to drink every night, did drugs and aboused her. shyla has a little sister who is only 4 years old and is trying to get her away from him so he couldnt hurt her too. one day she finally gets away and finds an old friend liam who helps her and her sister. they ended up falling in love and he becomes famouse in a band. this is shyla and her diary of her secrets and what has happend ever since her mom died.


2. golden lake

we finally arrived after a few munites to ourselfs. i was looking otta the window when niall turned on the radio. heres ed sheeran with the A team. the radio man said. ''ugh! i love this radio they have gooood music!!" i turn my head and laugh. " you like ed too!" " yes hess so amazayn!" "STOP!" i yelled at him. i jumped out of the car and saw natasha. i ran over to her. i looked her in the eyes then looked at her clothes. she had gotten beaten up. " who the hell did this!?" niall asked coming over. "i dont know... natasha who did this to you whop hurt you?" " daddy." she pointed over to a bush. " where is he?" she kept pointing at the bush. " ill go check you get her in the car" niall said as he walked over to the bush.i ran to the car and put natasha in the back seat. i sat with her waiting for niall. '' who?'' natasha asked. she stood up on the seat and pointed to niall. '' a friend he helped shy hes a good boy. he is okay.'' i finally got her to understand that he was okay and was not gonna hurt us. she sat back down and niall came running to the car. he jumped in and slammed the door '' hes here.. he knows who i a, too. i hsve to run away with you guys is that okay?'' ''yeah just get us outta here!'' ''daddy'' i hurd natasha say looking out of her window. i look up and see my dad al most open the door. '' DRIVE!'' niall steped on the gas. my dad was after us for half an hour but couldnt really catch up. we finally left and ended up into a little area with buildings. we went into an office and rented a house  with the litle money i had in my pockets. niall paid for mine, natasha's, and his clothing.  we moved in at a 2 bedroom 'hotel' and started a new was 6:00 pm now and it was time for natasha to go to bed. we used the clothes we had just bought as natashas bed. and for me  and niall to be worm we slept together. nothing relation ship like. but just to keep us worm. we lied there for about 2 hours getting to know each other. he told me that  he wants to be a singer when he gets older. he told me about this awsome show called the X factor. i told him about liam and how he got on but didnt make it. we ended up falling asleep not that long later.  i had a bad dream that night. i could still feel my dad hitting me... but no ne really was. i... i saw my mom. it was more like a memory then a dream now. it was my 9th birthday. when my mom had found out that my dad had been cheating in her. then it skipped to my 12 birthday when she found out that she was gonna have another baby. then it skipped to this year. it showed her dying right in front of me. it was wied i saw her die in my dreams but i was not there to see her die. i started screaming and kicking, crying, i felt alone, like no one was there for me anymore. niall then woke me up. i looked at him and cryied even more. '' are you okay?'' '' i miss her, ever since liam moved away and she died my life had been like halloween. scary!''.

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