find my way back home

a girl named shlya lives with her father. whe n she was younger her mother died by drugs. ever since her mom died her dad started to drink every night, did drugs and aboused her. shyla has a little sister who is only 4 years old and is trying to get her away from him so he couldnt hurt her too. one day she finally gets away and finds an old friend liam who helps her and her sister. they ended up falling in love and he becomes famouse in a band. this is shyla and her diary of her secrets and what has happend ever since her mom died.


6. get back on my feet for the 1000 time

i went with the lads back to the xfactor. i meet someone there he was sweet. almost 3 years older but what ever. it was amazayn. we became friends for a while then it became more. almost a moth passed by and we where still together. i was so happy. i went to the room that me and niall shared. i took out my diary from the little book shelf.


monday november5 2012

i was still with him. i loved him. he was so sweet and amazayn. i am so happy i found some one who can make me feel this happy, the only thing is he kept wanting me to have sex with him, i wasnt ready, and im not.i think im gonna break up with him if he keeps asking me.


i  put my diary away and hurd a knock on the door. " come in" i said. it was niall and my boyfriend alex. " hey" niall said flopping onto the bed. "so whats up? what did the judges  say?" " the next time we have to go to SC's house" "oh so what you guys gonna sing?" " we dont know. got any ideas?" the 4 lads came in the room and asked me. " oh how about torn! i love that song". " yeah that song is good and easy." " hey hun lets go out for lunch" alex asked me. i really just wanted to stay with lads but it should also be a good time to dump him now.

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