find my way back home

a girl named shlya lives with her father. whe n she was younger her mother died by drugs. ever since her mom died her dad started to drink every night, did drugs and aboused her. shyla has a little sister who is only 4 years old and is trying to get her away from him so he couldnt hurt her too. one day she finally gets away and finds an old friend liam who helps her and her sister. they ended up falling in love and he becomes famouse in a band. this is shyla and her diary of her secrets and what has happend ever since her mom died.


3. back to the start

nialls pov

i woke shyla up from a bad dream. she came close to me and started crying nmore. she finally said something like 'i miss her' and said something about a guy named liam who she had talked about. and who i had seen on tv before. i remeber she had lost her mom this year, i had totaly forgotten about that. i held her close and gave her confert. "you need to start over. get a better life for you and your sister. this is not good for both of you."i told her as i stod up an helped her. "your right. wait.. where is natasha?!" " dont worry its okay my mom she called me cell when you fell asleep she got natasha into a school and she is letting us have half of her money to start you too a new life." i smiled at her as he freacked out with joy. "omg niall thanx sooooooooooo much!" she umped on me and gave me a big hug. " well what r you waiting for get some new clothes on and lets go get some stuff to sleep on". we goit changed and we went of to go buys some cheep stuff at a donathion center.


shylas pov

"omg i never knew that irland had lots of  food stores. you wanna go eat something after?" "yeah sure!" niall said with i BIG smile on his face." thanx again niall this means alot to me." " no problem, my family is really caring its in our blood." we baught 2 small beds, a table, fridge, 2lamps , and a tv. no chairs or anything big like that ust impimortant stuff.we went and got some food for the frindge. and some more clothes. we had enhough things to keep us alive. we also had baught toothbrushes,shampoo,conditioner, and all that stuff. we got every thing to the mini flat and ot everything ready before natasha came home. " now we have everything set up.. now we need a ob to pay the rent and all that." i said and walked back out the front door. " where you going? and my dad will pay for the fist months rent." "going to get a job who else is going to pay back your mum and dad?"

" you should get a job at nandos!" niall said aproting my side. "dahh! they make alot of money! do you know how much people go there everyday" " haha..yeah. i do, i go there almost everyday." i looked at him and smiled. we laugh. we finally got to nandos. we got inside an sat down. " hi how may i help you?oh heey niall" a woman said as  she came up to us. " haha hi alyssa and my friend need a job and wants to work here... do you tink you could help her out?" " urm.. yeah you look young tho.. but ill try one sec ill go get a paper that you could fill out." not that long later she came back and handed me a paper that asked some questions. " just fill it out and we will see what we can do."


first name: shyla

last name:mclolan

adress:427 parker


house number:613-***-****

cell number:613_***-****


what do you want to work as here at nandos?:i would want to work as a waiter or cook.

experance:i have been taking care for my little sister for 1 year now. so i have made her dinner, and done everything for her.



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