find my way back home

a girl named shlya lives with her father. whe n she was younger her mother died by drugs. ever since her mom died her dad started to drink every night, did drugs and aboused her. shyla has a little sister who is only 4 years old and is trying to get her away from him so he couldnt hurt her too. one day she finally gets away and finds an old friend liam who helps her and her sister. they ended up falling in love and he becomes famouse in a band. this is shyla and her diary of her secrets and what has happend ever since her mom died.


4. a big step up

"HOLY CRAP!" niall yelled from the kitcen. " what?" i asked ranning over. "i .... i have chance to go on! im going on the x factor!" he jumped up and almost started to cry with happyness  but this week already had enought crying in it. " omg yay! when are you going?" " urm. let me seeee... oh... urm i have to leave in 2 days." he sid looking at his phone and then looked back at me and natsha. " its okay go you have to live your life too." i said " omg thanx so much!!! WOOOH!"

2 days later

" i will miss you guys so much. ill call you to make sure your dad stays away ok" "okay." " i love you" natasha said and gave him a hug. "awee i loved you too sweetie" and huged her back. we huged and then he left. i got natasha ready for bed and we both feel asleep not that long after. it was hard to let him go. it felt like he was my brother. he was so nice to me and natasha. i had a dream about him. it was that he didnt make it. he came back and everything went wrong again. it had been almost 3 weeks now, i checked my phone. i had 5 text from niall and 1 texrt from liam.

niall: heey i just preformed it was scary cant wait to hear if that want me.

Niall: its time for them to pick wish me luck

Niall: :( they said no to my im so sorry i left you guys.

Niall: yaaaay!!! they gave me a second chance... they also put me in a group with 4 other lads

Liam: heey omg its ben so long. guess what!? i made it throught the x factor! yaay now i am in a goup with 4 other mates! they seem cool.

i text them both saying "omg great to hear! and who are the other 4 lads?" then i got a text from niall right away. NIALL: 'harry,louis,zayn,and liam your friend.' thats the same thing that liam sent but said nialls name indstead of  his. i text liam back and told him that i knew niall he was pretty shocked. i went to go wake up natasha, so she can go get ready to go to day care so i can go to work at nandos. i have been working at nandos for 2 weeks now. its hard but fun. i got us both ready and left the house. i walked natasha over to her friends house but her friend was sick. her babysitter didnt want to babysit her because last time natasha cut her hair when ashe was sleeping. i had nlo choice but to bring her to nandos with me.

we walked over to nandos i sat her down at a table and told her not to move. i got in uniform and walked out to go see a a lady and take her order. i back to the kitchen to go get and order. i come back and see natsha having a fit because she asked a lady for her fries. i ran over an told her to sit down andd ill get her fries. my boss the ncame up to me and said if i dont get her out of here then im not allowed to work here anymore. "NO! shes my sister! she has no where else to go." " then leave.." i cant believe it i just lost the job that could save my life. i ogt my stuff and left. i looked at my phone and saw a text from liam. he had paid a plain to take me and natasha. "omg natasha! we are going to go see liam! natasha? NATASHA!!! omg!!" i ran back to nandos "NATASHA!??" i ran around looking for her. i couldnt find her.

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