Locked Up


5. The way out

"Attention! Attention, everyone!" Louis shouted out in the room. We all looked at in 'stop bothering me' way. "Ok don't give that glare Amy," he strapped at me. I was taken back a second. "Ok, continuing. We need a way to get out of this place." We all nodded in sync. "So, what's the plan?" Harry asked. "I don't know, but we need one soon."

(After discussing the plan)

The door slot slipped open and a tray with food got slid on the ground. Louis got up to go to the door slot. "Hey person come here," Louis said as he tried to look through the slot. "What do you want. I'm not supposed or talk to you," a mans voice said from the other Sid dog the door. "I have a question." "What is it." "I was wondering can you fit a hand in the slot? I can't tell." "What does this question have to do with anything?" The man asked. "Just answer the question. Can someone fit a hand through the door slot?" "Let me see so you can leave me alone." As the man stuck his hand through the slot Louis yanked it and twisted it to the side against the door. "Let go of me!" The man shouted. "No. I will never unless you let us out." "I can't do that." "Yes you can and you will or else." "Or else what?" Louis licked the mans hand and it now had a slobbery wet spot. "Eww man that's nasty," the man said. The whole we are just watching this whole episode. "Now unlock the door." "No!" "Fine time for plan B. Zayn come here." Zayn came over and stuck his hand in the slot to reach for the lock. We didn't know what lock it was but we were hoping it wouldn't have to be a key one. We all heard a click and ran across the room and sprinted out the door. The man started chasing us and yelling at us to stop. I was very surprised that no one came to help. I thought to soon because all these men started chasing us down the narrow hallway. I was last so I just followed everyone. I think Zayn was in the lead since he was in the front next to the door with Louis. Well whoever it was decided to turn into a dark room. I Hickok locked once I got in. "Um it's dark," I think Harry said. " oh really. I didn't notice," Liam said sarcastically. I knew it was him because he was right in front of me when we ran into the room. "Just find the light switch, please," I said with an annoyed tone. "Found it!" Niall shouted. He was also near me. As soon as the lights came on I gasped.
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