Locked Up


2. One direction

I opened my eyes finding myself in a plain room. Nothing was in the room, but me. The only thing different was there was a slot on the door. It's probably for food. All this stuff was going through my mind when I see the door opening. I quickly get up to face the door to see who was coming in. I look to see five boys coming in the room with a girl I can't see well behind them. All five boys came with tape on their mouths and ropes around their wrists. The girl behind them quickly shut the door after they all walked in the room. I sat back down on the ground not really paying attention since it was awkward being the only girl in the room. I laid down with my head facing the wall. Halfway asleep I hear mumbling behind me. I felt lazy so I ignored it. A few minutes later I hear multiple things mumbling. I snapped my head around pretty fast for being tired. Finding myself looking at five figures wiggling on the ground like worms. Running over to see if they were ok I slapped myself in the face. I'm stupid. Of course there not ok there tied up. I start untying their hands and ripping the tape of their mouths. It was quite funny hearing them scream. Waiting for them to look up since I still haven't seen their faces I notice something. They're one direction.
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