Locked Up


4. Food

I was sitting in a corner by myself. I'm not an outgoing person. I don't have that many friends. All of a sudden the door flap opened with food on it. The flap was close to the ground so the person behind the ay just slid it on the floor to the middle of the room. Without even hesitating I ran across the room to the tray. When I came back to my spot I looked to see what I got. I had a banana, ham sandwich, and a mini bottle of water. In less than 5 minutes all of the food was gone. For being kidnapped we were treated pretty nice. I haven't really paid attention to the boys until Niall shouts out to me from across the room. "Hey girl! How did you eat that much?" I ignored the rude comment. Looking at my hands I said in a low voice, "it's Amy, once again." "Sorry. Didn't mean to be rude. How did you eat all your food?" I paused a second and than said, "I'm hungry. We're trapped in here and I don't know when I'll have food again. Plus I know y'all eat a lot." There was silence until Harry says, "why don't you come over here with us?" Shuddering I said, "I'm shy. I don't like talking and socializing with people." I finally thought the boys got back to their conversations when I get lifted up into the air and sat down in the middle of the empty room. "What are you doing to me?" I yelled while they sat me down on the floor. "We'll you weren't socializing so we decided we will make you socialize," Liam said to me. I still had a discussed look on my face, but it meant a lot. I have been wanting to talk to them ever since I realized it was them. I had a few words with them, but not a whole conversation. I realized I was staring when Zayn says to me, "hey earth to Amy." "Oh I'm sorry I was thinking to myself," I replied to him.

Sorry that was boring but its leading up to something.
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