Locked Up


3. Don't touch me

First, I'm kidnapped. Second, I'm with one direction. We have no way out. I was so shocked. My life was now totally flipped upside down. I guess I was staring because Zayn starts shaking his hand I front of my face. I shook my head a couple times. I know it wasn't a dream. A few minute passed in silence till Harry comes out saying, " so, who are you?" I spoke up saying, " I'm Amy." "did you trap us in here?" I stood there in shock at what he asked. "Now why would trap myself in here with you and how would get you in here? I was here first. I don't know if they understand sarcasm, but he asked a stupid question what was I supposed to say. "Sorry,but you don't now what fans do to be with us." "Ok." An awkward silence was in the air. "So how do we get out of here?" I asked everyone. "Hold on I'm thinking," Louis tells me putti g his pointer finger to my mouth to shush me up. I finally admitted to myself that I can't get out so I went to the nearest corner and rolled up in a ball to fall asleep.

I woke up feeling someone tickling me. My eyes were still shut so I put my fist up in front of my face. Everyone gasp when I did that because I guess I punched one of them. Opening my eyes I see Harry in the corner opposite from me practically crying and rolling around like a baby. He was so dramatic. Louis goes running to Harry and yells stuff like, "my boobear!", "did that lady hurt you?" and "do we need to get the hospital?" Now sitting up in the corner I say out loud so they all can here, but I wasn't yelling, "don't touch me." I meant what I said by 'don't touch me.'
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