Locked Up


6. Bella and Joe

I was shocked. Standing right in front of me was Bella. I thought I'd never see her face again in my life. "What are y'all doing here!?" Shouted that lady behind a oak desk. No one said anything. "Once again, what are y'all doing here?" "Fine. If no ones going to answer me than. Guards get in here now!" 4 guards came rushing in behind us. "Who let them out without my command?" She shouted at all the guards. "Well that boy bit me when I gave them food," the guard said pointing to Louis. He was the guard Louis took a chuck out of earlier. Thinking back at that moment I let a little chuckle out of my mouth. "Now what's so funny, Amy?" Bella said to me. I replied, "nothing," to quickly. "Ok now get all of them in that room," she ordered the guards, pointing to a room behind her. "Except for Amy. Take her in that room," she said pointing to another room on the other side of her desk. A big strong guy grabbed my arm and started dragging me to the room. "Let me go," I commanded. "Be quiet girl," he replied to ,e with a stern voice. Shoving me into the room he locked the door behind me.

After about 30 minutes of pure bored ness I heard some familiar sounds. A man and a woman were screaming at each other. I slipped closer to the door to listen better. This is what I heard. " How could you let her out!" A mans voice shouted. "I didn't. It as that guard Bob!" The lady yelled back. "Well if the boys are in there than where is she?" "In there." I knew they were talking about me
so I quickly scooted back to my spot I was in before. The door slammed open when I reached my spot and I saw the worst face I have ever seen before. Even worse than Bella's. Standing in front of me was the man I hated the most.......my ex best friend, Joe.
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