5 girls meet 5 boys. One band meets another. Will it be love at first sight, or absolute hate?


5. Jocelyn/Jocie

Yo, peeps! Hows life? That's my catchphrase, so use and you put your life in danger. Touch my hair and I will break every bone in your body. I'm dead serious. I'm one of 2 Asians in the group, me and Eva. I'm 5'5, I have shoulder length black hair, and black eyes. My fav color is green, and I'm obsessed with sports, pranking people, and cats. My playlists have Taylor Swift, Sara Barielles, and Ed Sheeran. I absolutly, positivily, HATE One Direction. Eva is the smart and quiet one, Megan and Emma are the hyper ones(but they can be really calm sometimes), and Izzy and I are the silly ones. September is a really popular band. We're doing concerts and stuff, but right now we have a 2 month break!  

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