5 girls meet 5 boys. One band meets another. Will it be love at first sight, or absolute hate?


8. Dark Side

Izzy's POV:

I guess it's kinda cool having world famous stars at the farm with us. I'm not obsessed with them like Megs, but I don't hate them and think they're stupid like Jocie. I will admit that it was hilarious teaching them how to do the chores. When we were telling them how to collect the eggs, the curly haired one, (I don't know their names yet) actually got a few. As he was doing his victory dance, he tripped over a hay bale and squashed the egg into his face. I laughed my butt off. Oh, there is the bell! Time for practice!

-1 hour later-

Izzy's POV:

Practice ended 30 minutes ago. I'm just lying on the hay. Then I decide to practice my new song. I named it 

When I'm finished I hear something behind the hay bales. I get up, and walk behind the bales. And there is Louis Tomlinson, mouth gaping open.

"Shut your mouth Louis. You'll catch flies." 

" Was that you singing?" He asks.

" Yeah why?"

"Cause it was amaZAYN! You should be a singer. "

"Thanks. I wrote it myself. And FYI, I am in a band. All of us girls are. We're in September."

Now his jaw drops again. I roll my eyes.

"Look, Louis, if all you're going to do is stand around with your mouth open, I have better thing to do. See ya round!"

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