A bit of Fanfiction for the New Tricks TV show. Nothing belongs to me except the plot and any new characters I make up. Time to put my imagination into words. :D
'It's the Christmas Ball for the Met-she never liked those silly functions. But she guesses she'll have to put up with it because he has to, and he's in much more limelight. Calm and cool is the plan-until something goes terribly wrong, and your little secret gets out the wrong way. People can be very judgemental...'
*Located somewhere in the 9th Series, after they get comfortable with Steve McAndrew, and may be OOC in places, but for a reason*


6. Epilogue-Six Months Later


Robert Strickland stepped onto the stage before the gather at the second interesting Police he'd been to since he started his career. And that was a long time ago. As the speaker told of his 'bravery in the face of criminals' and 'selflessness', his eyes surveyed the crowd. Nervous officers, uptight officers, proud officers, and bored-out-of-their-mind officers. None of those mattered right now - except one. She sat in the centre section of the table arrangement, fourth table from the left, second row from the front, platinum-blonde hair
shining the artificial light. Her dress was slightly less clingy than usual: it was kind of a requirement for being two months pregnant and trying to look like you still had a mostly normal figure. Regardless, she was practically an angel to him. An angel that, six months ago, had been through a lot. That why she was two months pregnant and not six. Because the man he was 'so brave' as to fight had caused her miscarriage. He was partly glad he knew the prison officers currently responsible for him.


All things considered, they'd put it behind them. Sandra had somehow come to a miraculous truce with her mother, and they were now having regular girl conversations. It was a little unnerving, in his opinion. As a plus, the investigation had been dropped, and they were accepted by 'the community' now. Sure, people could still whisper of scandal and repulsiveness, but it didn't phase them. They were happier than they'd ever been - alone or together.

I guess, the world isn't all about being Judgemental, hmm?

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