A bit of Fanfiction for the New Tricks TV show. Nothing belongs to me except the plot and any new characters I make up. Time to put my imagination into words. :D
'It's the Christmas Ball for the Met-she never liked those silly functions. But she guesses she'll have to put up with it because he has to, and he's in much more limelight. Calm and cool is the plan-until something goes terribly wrong, and your little secret gets out the wrong way. People can be very judgemental...'
*Located somewhere in the 9th Series, after they get comfortable with Steve McAndrew, and may be OOC in places, but for a reason*


3. Chapter 3


Sandra stirred in her bed, mind and body aching from the previous evening. She turned over and realized that she was alone - just as she was when she fell asleep. Like it had always been when she was alone, so why was it so surprising? Shaking the thoughts away, she pushed herself up and blindly threw on some clothes. Nothing that took too much effort. Nothing happy. The journey to work was a short, silent one by taxi.


The corridors leading up to the UCOS office were empty and grey, but nothing any duller than usual. The occassional officer walked past, piles of paperwork and other luggage in hand.  Robert Strickland didn't really care about those things - no briefcase could be heavier than the weight on his shoulders. Mind far away, he bumped into someone, apologizing profusely and stumbling over his words. He laid a hand on their shoulder in a show of sincerity when he noticed who the shoulder belonged to.

"Robert," Sandra muttered, and simply shrugged away his hand. He sighed. How long were they going to be in this unbearable (to him) state - not quite hating but certainly not acting like husband-and-wife-to-be.

"Ah, Superintendent Pullman, DAC Strickland. Just the people I was looking for. I'd like a word, in my office, if that's not too much trouble."

Oh no.


"Please, take a seat," the commissioner began as they sat down. "I'd like to say sorry for my bluntness out in the corridor, but I'd rather keep this in a private setting."

"I see, what is it you wanted to talk about?" Strickland replied.

"Your...ahhh...relationship. You see, many people believe professional and personal should be kept apart. And, I'm afraid, it's upsetting rather a lot of important people, and I..."

"Is there any way we can help? Something we can do?" he asked.

Ever the politician, she groaned internally. The commissioner and Strickland were immersed in conversation when she tuned back in and interrupted.

"You can't ship me off to another department, if that's what you're thinking," she said, defiance and stubbornness clear in her tone.

"Sandra, please-"

"No, no, it's alright Robert. Superintendent Pullman, you have to understand-"

"I don't have to understand anything," she snapped, and strode from the room.


A few minutes later, Strickland joined her out in the corridors, as furious as she had been the night before.

Oh, look, we're taking it in turns now, she thought dryly.

"What did you think you were doing in there?" he asked her, his voice strained with anger. Sandra immediately decided on a sarcastic reaction - she wasn't really in the mood for a serious conversation.

"Well, I was sitting on a chair, and listening to you go on, and then-"

"Cut the crap, Sandra. We both know that's not what I was talking about," he growled, taking hold of her arm as she turned to walk away. She glared at him as they grew closer, however, the expression soon faded and her eyes drifted to his lips. Millimetres apart, alarm shot through Sandra, and bile rose to her throat; she pulled away, dashing for the toilet, leaving Strickland standing purplexed in the corridor.


"Ugh. Remind me to keep mouthwash handy next time," Sandra complained, while leant against the sink counter in the ladies' toilets. Her bag lay open beside the tap, and she eyed the packet she'd bought when her and Strickland had become...involved.

No. I can't be. A baby would just make everything so much more complicated... one side of her panicked, while the other lectured her, you don't even know yet, just test it...

So she did - and ended up wishing her instincts weren't as correct as they were.

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