A bit of Fanfiction for the New Tricks TV show. Nothing belongs to me except the plot and any new characters I make up. Time to put my imagination into words. :D
'It's the Christmas Ball for the Met-she never liked those silly functions. But she guesses she'll have to put up with it because he has to, and he's in much more limelight. Calm and cool is the plan-until something goes terribly wrong, and your little secret gets out the wrong way. People can be very judgemental...'
*Located somewhere in the 9th Series, after they get comfortable with Steve McAndrew, and may be OOC in places, but for a reason*


2. Chapter 2


Sandra turned slowly towards Strickland, almost begging him to not make her do this.

"You can do this," he whispered, pressing his lips to her forehead. And then nudged her towards the stage, as he followed steadily behind her. It was as though she was on some kind of autopilot, Sandra pressed on up the stairs and onto the stage, while she tried to contain the rabid butterflies at the pit of her stomach. The clapping died down, and she turned to face the audience with Strickland stood beside her.

"Recently, the Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad has taken on a new member - ex-detective Steve McAndrew," Sandra began, "who, with the help of ex-detective Gerry Standing, has opened a UCOS in Scotland, Glasgow. Positions have opened up for transfers."

"I would also like to make a personal announcement," Strickland continued, as the previous speakers looked at him in confusion (after all, they couldn't know what news he was going to break). "This may seem like a bombshell, but I'd like to announce my engagement to a wonderful woman. And she's in this very room," he smiled, 'awws' fluttering up from the crowds, "even though I know many of you won't approve - her name is Sandra Pullman."


Gasps rose from the crowd. Looks of disgust. A man waiting to announce the next speaker marched onto the stage and half-pried the microphone from Robert's hands.

"Th-thank you for that," he stuttered, bit his lip, and made a 'go on, off you go' sign with his hand. As Sandra and Strickland retreated down the side staircase, he began to introduce the next guest, and the two moved into their corner table, thankfully hidden from view.

"Well, that went wonderfully," Sandra mused.

"Oh, don't be like that," Strickland replied, with a look of defeat. "Let's just...go home."


The door slammed shut with a bang, failing to startle the flat's two occupants as they stormed inside. Seemingly unhesitant, Sandra charged ahead and dumped her bag on the sofa, before she turned on her heel to face Strickland.

"'Oh, Sandra, let's just tell them straight. I'll be a little bit of a shock at first, but they'll recover soon'. Wonderful idea, Robert, just wonderful," she spat.

"Don't blame me! What were you doing when I was up there losing it? Because, wherever you were, you weren't next to me!" he retorted.

"I was exactly where I should've been. At least I wasn't the idiot making it look all sunshine and daisies," and then silence fell over them again. It remained for moments... Minutes... Hours, even.

"Look, Sandra, I don't want us to fight like this."

"And you think I do? I'm going to bed, see you later," and, with that, she swept past him and towards the bedroom.

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