Society's main goal was to judge, so, naturally, they had come up with a system for describing. Girls were described through various patterns; Floral being the sweethearts, while Lace was reserved for the baddest of the bad. Boys were described through various colors; Blues were the boys every parent wished their girls would chase after, but the Reds always ended up being the boys every girl would die for. Players. Cheaters. Liars, but they were irresistible. What happens when a Floral falls for the biggest Red?


2. Chapter One.

        "Katerina, you know I can't let you go out looking like, well, that." Mother scolded, her lean fingers pushing through her blonde locks. I looked down at my outfit, mint green had always been my favorite color. What's wrong with it? It's long enough, I had just measured it not two minutes ago. I smoothed the fabric, running my hands down the silk. My eyebrow rose, eyeing my mother with confusion. "Today's Tuesday, darling. You know you are to wear shorts or jeans on Tuesday."
        I sighed, remembering Society's strict rules over the loudspeaker. At the beginning of every week, Society transfers a message to every home in Enchantment. I glanced at the schedule tacked to the corkboard in the kitchen. Girls, aged 15 to 17 must wear shorts/jeans & floral print top on Tuesday, October 23rd. 
        I ran up the steps, pulling my 'Floral Print' drawer, searching for something quick and easy. I found the perfect cardigan and threw on high waist shorts, adding a blue belt to finish the look. I walked over to my full length mirror, eyeing my reflection. 
        "Perfect." Livid, my home system's robotic voice complimented over the system. I smiled, happy to find success. "Converse or Stilettos?" She asked, the opening below my mirror opened with my choices. I eyed the nude Stilettos, they looked murderous almost as if I just touched them I'd be burned beyond repair. 
        "Come on Livid, do I even need to answer that question?" I giggled before slipping the black Converse onto my size seven feet. I glanced at my reflection before running down the steps, grabbing my purse and making my way out the door. "Love you, Mama! Love you, Papa!" I shouted through the doorway. 
         I ran across the street, avoiding two cars and a bicycle. Silently thanking myself for never falling into the Stiletto fad, I stood on the front lawn of my best friend, Poppy.  I rummaged through my purse, looking for my mints, when my hand brushed on my ipod...
         Poppy and I had decided to go to the woods on our free day. You'd think Society wouldn't let us venture past the town lines, surprisingly  it was allowed- just highly frowned upon. As we walked past the broken tree limbs and overgrown weeds, the weirdest noise erupted from Poppy's boot. Slowly, she lifted her foot and found a small device lying next to two others. I bent down, picking one of the unbroken devices up. It fit securely in my palm, it's screen lighting up as I touched the circle located in the middle. I hit a button labeled 'play' and, suddenly, music produced from the tiny object. In Enchantment, music is illegal. Society believes it's the cause for rebellion. It was the first time I had ever heard music, and it was unbelievably beautiful. 
         We found nearly three hundred songs on the device, most by an artist by the name of 'Taylor Swift'. She had the sweetest voice, my favorite by her was labeled 'Red.' The words always managed to send chills down my spine, I had become addicted. Poppy had made me promised to only listen when we venture to the woods every other Saturday, but I started having, what you would call, withdrawals. I found myself tapping my chewed up pencil to the beat of music in class, finding myself attacked with stares.
         "Earth to Kat!" Poppy shouted, sending a giggle through my ears. I glanced at her outfit, smiling at the shorts I had bought her nearly a month ago. "We need to go, babe. You remember what today is?" She asked, her brown eyes shining with excitement. 
         "Your cat's birthday? No wait, that's wrong. It's your cousin's cat's birthday!" I giggled, a bit too loudly, receiving stares from her neighbors.
         "I cannot believe this, Katerina Camila. Today is the day we finally receive what our rate will be for the rest of our lives!" Poppy shouted, her voice echoing down our street. "What do you think we'll be, Kat?" She asked, and I wondered if fearless Poppy was finally letting her nerves get the best of her.
         "I don't know, Pops, but I hope we get Florals. I don't think Mother could look at me if I was a Lace...."

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