Monster Love

Hemlington a small town in England, where a young girl Lily lived. Hemlington is not your normal place of a home. 80 years ago the town was split from a huge war between mortals and immortals. Sir Marcus Corbet split the town and made a truce. If the immortals stay of their land they would give a sacrifice to them. Lily is collecting water when an immortal takes her to a strange building where she meets Oscar the beautiful and mysterious vampire, who seems to be following her every where she goes. Love is forbidden between immortals and mortals and as Oscar and Lily fall more in love, Lily soon realizes what her deeds are. She is destined to become a Monster Hunter!


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©Copyright by Samantha Hallwood

The rule was set 80 years ago by Sir Marcus Corbet. He had help from Dr Victoria Bloomington and my own grandfather Russell Fiddler. This rule is here to protect our town from the Green.

Many years ago there was riot in this same town, Hemlington. The riots destroyed half the town, one half the Green and the other where we live. They could not overtake this part but they destroyed it so much that it was inhospitable. But our side fought back we made our homes slowly but the only problem was that the water source was on their side of the land. Marcus Corbet though made a treaty; if we could go and get the water from the pump we would give them a sacrifice every month. This worked for a while but some of them got greedy. Two men stepped over and attacked the main part of town. They dragged a female and child of into the Green. That is when the iron gates came. They have a protection on them. So we can get out and get our water but they could not come in.

As I stepped into the Green I felt un- safe and vulnerable. I hurried down the pathway reaching the well. I looked around; the trees sheltered me from the sky. They were burnt and dying but they still grew higher and higher. I felt eyes on me from the trees. Ready to attack. I heard the bucket plop in the water and started to pull it up. I felt a cold breeze trickle down my neck, someone’s breath. I turned sharply around and wished I didn’t. A pale woman grinned at me her teeth shining brightly; she licked her lips and stepped forward.



I’m dead, I am defiantly dead. I can’t feel from my hips downwards. My eyes were stuck together, a bright light shinned through my eyelids. I felt movement near me then someone’s hands. My eyes shot open and I looked down. There was a woman standing over me pulling a dress over my feet. Her bronze hair was pinned up into a bun and she wore a blue pinstriped dress. She sensed my eyes on her and looked up. She looked quite normal. No fangs, no pointy nose and no wings. She smiled.

‘Hello there, you’re up early. I expected you to wake in an hour.’ Her eyes went back down and she started to pull the dress up. I then realised I half naked all I had on was my bra and knickers. ‘Do not worry, I do not mind.’ Well I do I wanted to shout.

She washed my legs and arms. As she worked I stared at her. ‘Where am I?’ She glared at me and straightened up.

‘You are very nosy aren’t you?’ She snorted and started to walk towards a tray. ‘You are in what your people call the Green.’

‘But I was getting some water and then I woke up and I was here.’ I looked around the room. I was layed on my back facing a pure white ceiling, the whole room was white and there were trays with utensils spread out. There were my clothes piled in the corner. I then looked down; I had a red fitted dress on. My hair had been curled into ringlets and I had black stilettos on.

‘Ah yes, my dear daughter retrieved you from the well.’ She chuckled to herself. ‘You were so easy to get she said. She just bit you and you were down. That easy! Some people struggle and scream... how I love that.’

I swallowed but my throat would not let me. I sat up and looked at her again cleaning out the water bowl.

‘Am I, Am I-‘

‘One of us?’ She turned towards me and walked to the edge of my bed. She slid on with a slight movement. ‘No my dear, you were so what drugged to sleep.’

‘But you can’t be one. You don’t-‘

‘Look like one. How would you think I should look?’

I looked at my twisted hands. ‘Fangs.’ I mumbled I doubt she heard but she let at a loud laugh. I looked up hurt. She asked it is not my fault.

‘No my dear. We are not your stereotypical vampires. No fangs, no coffins nothing. We are like you, well not like you in that way. But we look the exact same.’

It then all fitted together, I am not here for a dinner date. I am the dinner. She noticed my panic expression. She stood up and brush her pinstriped dress.

‘Time to go.’ She grabbed my hand and pulled me through a white door. She dragged me down a corridor, doors leading off into different rooms. I stumbled along with these killer heels. We stopped in front of an oak door. She turned towards me and kissed me on both cheeks and then opened the door.

A cool breeze whooshed out of the room. A deep voice echoed from the corner of the room ‘Come in.’ I stepped in and the door slammed shut behind me. The room was old looking. The walls were blood red and there were wooden furniture. Pictures scattered the walls, Van Dike’s paintings filled most of the walls. I then noticed a man sat in the corner. He looked young though 20 maybe. He had dark brown hair and blue eyes. He had pale skin, he was muscular and broad shouldered but he was also thin. He was beautiful, my mouth dropped. He smirked and tapped the side of the sofa.

I sat down feeling a bit silly. I sat up and closed my mouth. He looked me up and down and back to my eyes. ‘Hello, my name is Oscar. You are probably wondering why you are here.’ I nodded. ‘I guess you already know what we are.’

‘Yeah I have an idea.’

He chuckled. ‘I will not hurt you if you promise me one thing.’ He shuffled closer and placed his arms around my waist pulling me closer. I know what he is trying to do. He is seducing me he wants me to join them. I have heard the stories I know what they do. They lure them in to join them and if they don’t want to...well they are the meal.

I frowned. ‘I do know what you are going to do. I know you want me to join. I have heard the stories I’m not dumb. ‘My voice got louder and louder, he looked shocked. ‘But you know, what I will never join your stupid clan. Kill me see if I care-‘

The doors slammed open and two guards ran in. They dragged me of the sofa into their firm holds. Their hands dug into my arms. Oscar stood up and placed his fingers on his lips, he looked confused, disturbed. Good I thought even if he is fit, I don’t care. My eyes stung with tears, he looked up and he was suddenly in front of me. His hand lifted to my face, I tried to pull away but he already had hold of me. He wiped my tears away with his fingers. Stupid tears I thought. He traced the tear mark down my cheek till my chin.

He then confronted the guards. ‘Let her go. Make sure she gets over the border.’ The guards were shocked in fact I was. ‘NOW you idiots.’ They started to drag me away when Oscar pulled me away from their grip. The guards stepped out of the door. ‘I am sorry about that. I particularly don’t want to do this job. Please forgive me.’ I was shocked, a vampire asking me to forgive them. ‘Promise me one thing, be safe.’ He kissed me on both cheeks and walked out the room.

I stared at his back, stunned. How can someone like him like someone like me? But then he might not like me. Don’t be silly of course he doesn’t like me, no one ever does. I am being silly now.

I followed the guards through the winding corridors. People, well not people, stared at me. Some shocked, some annoyed and some hungry. The woman from the white room stepped forwards and passed me my clothes. I looked down at my dress but she smiled and shook her head. The guards led me to the main door and left me. I looked back at them shocked but nothing was there to look out just the trees. I looked around to find the well and the opening where the girl bit me and dragged me of to that place. My bowl was on the floor filled to the brim with water. I picked it up and walked back to the entrance to the Green. I stepped over everyone was still there. I thought I had been gone hours but to them it must have been a few minutes. Eliza stood in front of me smiling. What if she goes in there and they take her? She would get seduced and become one of them. She noticed that something was wrong. She stepped forwards and rubbed my arm, she smiled and nodded. She was gone. The guard coughed and pushed me forwards.

I walked slowly home trying to comprehend what has just happened. I was bitten and brought back to a room. I was dressed in this; I looked down to find my normal clothes back on. No red dress, no heels nothing. I stepped inside the house.

‘Is that you Lily?’ Mother.

‘Yes mum.’ I walked into the kitchen and put the bowl of water into the water container. It was half full now; it was connected up to the shower and sink. We collected the water each week so the water will be empty again soon so we will have to ration.

I went into the front room and sat down. Mum was sat in her usual seat in the window. She smiled and started to sketch in her notepad. Mum was pretty in a way, ever since she became housebound her skin as got paler and shallow. She always looks ill; I worry about her because you would never know if she was. She had blonde hair as well but it has started to go grey. It is always tied up in a scruffy bun and she has an apron wrapped around her waist all the time.

‘What are you drawing?’ I asked, she looked up and smiled.

‘I am drawing your thoughts. Something has happened and I am drawing that.’ She chuckled and started to draw again.

I nod and sit still. She scares me at times, with what she comes out with it is like she can read my mind. But I know she can’t but just sometimes. Like then she knew something has happened, without me even saying. Even though she scares me she is my best friend. I love her.

We sit like this until Willow walks in the room. I don’t realise that I have slouched down the sofa. I quickly straighten up.

‘I’m hungry what’s for lunch?’ She sat next to me and started to shake me.

‘Stop it Will’s. Haven’t you got legs walk to the Cafe or make a sandwich?’ She shoved me making me fall of the sofa. Mum snapped out of her trance from the thud.

‘Go to the Cafe with her Lily.’ She looked back down at her notepad and started to sketch again.


‘Just go Lillian!’

I got up from the ground, I glared at Willow. She smirked at me and followed me out of the room.

The Cafe is in the centre of the square. There are only a few shops, two clothes shops, one supermarket and a Cafe. If you wanted to go to some different shops you would get the bus or train to Middlesbrough. The clothes shops weren’t what we call Fashionable. They sell older clothes and hiking clothes. So Eliza and I go to Middlesbrough every weekend.

‘What can I get you?’ James asked, Eliza’s new boyfriend.

Willow stood on her tip toes so she could look over the counter. Willow is only small for her age, 10. She smiled sickly to James. ‘Please can I have a chicken and mayonnaise sandwich please?’ She fluttered her eyelashes and put on her sickly smile again.

‘Okay, and what can I get you Lily?’ James asked smiling at me. I smiled slightly, I remembered when I used to fancy him in like Yr9. Ha, I’m glad it didn’t happen.

‘Nothing thanks.’

‘Are you sure?’ He looked down at my frail body.

‘Yes I am fine thanks.’ I frowned. He nodded and walked off.

Willow had already found a table near the window. James brought her sandwich and I payed. Willow was just about to finish her sandwich when she looked up and giggled. ‘What?’ I mouthed.

‘Look’ she mouthed back.

I turned around to find Oscar stood behind me. I looked up at his face and he smirked. He sat down beside me and looked over at Willow.

‘What are you doing here?’ I then added just between us. ‘I thought you couldn’t get through?’

Oscar chuckled. ‘Just in town Lily and I was lucky.’ He chuckled again. ‘So who is this?’ He gestured towards Willow.

‘Oh this is Willow, she is my little sister.’ 

'Hi I'm Willow it is a pleasure to meet you.' Willow thrust her hand out at Oscar. He looked down at it and  shook it. He smiled and let go of her hand. 

'Oscar.' He replied smirking at Willow who was in a trans from his deep voice.

'That is a gorgeous name. I would love to have been called that of course if I was a boy,'she babbled. 'which I am not of course.' She blushed and slid down her chair. He smirked yet again.

He then faced me and sat down down our knees brushing and sending a tingle up my thigh. I blushed and moved my leg away but his followed. I sighed and kept still. I look up to find him looking at me curiously.

'What?' I asked he did that famous smirk.

'Nothing, I was just thinking.' He bumped my knee again sending shocks up my thigh again. We stared for God knows long into each others eyes. Willow coughed catching our attention.

'I want to go now.' She frowned at us. Looking at Oscar then me. 

'Yeah, Okay.' I said disappointed from leaving Oscar.

 I stood up with Willow, Oscar grabbed my arm and pulled me close to his mouth.

'I will see  you later.' I looked up to find him but all I found was an empty chair.


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