Monster Love

Hemlington a small town in England, where a young girl Lily lived. Hemlington is not your normal place of a home. 80 years ago the town was split from a huge war between mortals and immortals. Sir Marcus Corbet split the town and made a truce. If the immortals stay of their land they would give a sacrifice to them. Lily is collecting water when an immortal takes her to a strange building where she meets Oscar the beautiful and mysterious vampire, who seems to be following her every where she goes. Love is forbidden between immortals and mortals and as Oscar and Lily fall more in love, Lily soon realizes what her deeds are. She is destined to become a Monster Hunter!


2. 2


©Copyright by Samantha Hallwood

A line had formed at the iron gates to the Green. The well was just a few feet away but it was still in the Green. I placed myself in line and waited.

‘Lilly! Over here!’ A red faced girl was bobbing towards me, a smile planted on her face. It was Eliza, my eccentric, bubbly friend. We were joint at the hip. We share all our secrets and we know each other like the back of our hands. People are warned about us ‘Look at for Twit and Twat’ they would say. Now I think about it, they were a bit rude. I guess we were annoying, when we were in Primary we would start a food fight, cause havoc. But the worst thing we ever did was we nearly set the school a light.

It was Lunch time and we were sat at our usual table. Eliza was picking at her food

‘You know what.’

‘What?’ I asked.

‘You actually don’t know what is in this food,’ another one of her banters. ‘fat, rats meat, insects anything. Look,’ she lifted a fork full of Spaghetti Bolognese. The meat was lumpy and a strange colour of red and brown. ‘I have no idea what this is. Is it spaghetti, or is it-‘

‘Can you get on with it Eliza!’

‘Okay...’ she slurred. She sighed and looked over both her shoulders. She faced me with a suspicious look. That look when you know trouble is going to happen. I leaned in so no nosy son so’s can hear. ‘Right I was thinking lets show the school what this,’ she gestured down to her food. ‘is. I think we should stand up for our human rights. We could be getting poisoned but no one would know. So, when no one is looking of course, get into there.’ She pointed towards the kitchen doors.

I sighed. ‘And how do you think we are going to get in there. There are cooks in there and teachers are surrounding this place. We can’t just saunter in and demand to see the food. The teachers know us now they will be watching our every move.’

Eliza raised her finger up. ‘Ah my friend that is where you are wrong. Don’t you think I would of already of thought that? I’m not that dumb!’ She leaned in closer. ‘Right, you see that trolley?’ She looked over to where the vegetable trolley is.


‘Well don’t you get it. When they bring it around I will pretend I want something. You will be on the floor already pretending your picking something up. But actually you are crawling onto the trolley-‘

I stopped her there. ‘Why me?’

‘Duh! You’re smaller then me and lighter. I think she would realise it has got a lot heavier.’ She rolled her eyes like I should have known.

 ‘So how are you going to get in?’

‘Right, I’m getting to that. So you will get pushed into the kitchen because it is nearly end of lunch. Quickly hop out and hide. I will make my own way in don’t ask me how but I will be there. If I am not though wait till everyone has gone and look to see if you find anything to prove our point. Okay?’

I didn’t like but if I didn’t go along with it she would not drop it. ‘Okay.’

I got into the kitchen quite easily actually but Eliza not that much. She did get in but she was very red faced. We searched and searched until the bell finally rang. But then Eliza shouted ‘Eureka!’

After that though it was sort of a blur. One minute we were running towards the source the next smoke and flames. I don’t know how it started but we got the blame and were excluded for four days. Mum and Dad weren’t happy at all. But after Dad died well, everything changed. I tried to keep away from trouble and if that leads to leaving Eliza I would have to take that risk. I guess Eliza most of sensed. We are still together and we have not got into trouble yet.

‘Hey babes. You okay?’ Eliza pouted her red lips out. She was very beautiful, all the boys liked her. Like now we are standing here they are all staring at her gob smacked. She has a black pixie cut and brown eyes. She is curvy and tall. Unlike me, I am small 5ft4 in fact and very skinny. I have no curve in sight I’m just straight down and straight up. I have blonde loose curls and emerald green eyes.

I smiled. ‘Yeah I’m fine. You?’

She grinned. ‘Oh yeaaah!’ She giggled and looked away.

‘Come on, tell me’

She grinned again and turned towards me. ‘You know James from Science?’

‘Vaguely, tall brown hair annoying.’ I had to add that on because he is. I sit next to him and he bugs me so much. Eliza frowns.

‘Anyway, he asked me out and guess what? I said yes! EEP!’ She jumped around in a circle her jug bouncing around.

‘Oh.’ I faced the back of the person in front of me. We were getting closer and closer, there were only 6 people left.

‘Come on. Have some happiness for me. I think I have found the one. If you know what I mean.’ I nodded. A huge sigh came out next to me. I do have happiness for her, but it is another boy she has gone out with. Everyone she goes out with she says ‘they are the one.’ And they never are. But I will see well she will see.

A few minutes later we were at the front.

‘Name?’ One of the stern guards said, glancing up from his clipboard.

‘Erm, Lillian Beatrice Fiddler.’ I hate my name, it’s so old. But my mum says ‘The name Beatrice has been passed down my family for generations. I was named it you have it and your child will have it.’ The reason my first name isn’t Beatrice is because my dad insisted on having Lillian. Also to save me from being called ‘Beatrice Potter.’

He nods and opens the gate. I take a deep breath and turn around. I smile at Eliza and step into the Green.

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