Monster Love

Hemlington a small town in England, where a young girl Lily lived. Hemlington is not your normal place of a home. 80 years ago the town was split from a huge war between mortals and immortals. Sir Marcus Corbet split the town and made a truce. If the immortals stay of their land they would give a sacrifice to them. Lily is collecting water when an immortal takes her to a strange building where she meets Oscar the beautiful and mysterious vampire, who seems to be following her every where she goes. Love is forbidden between immortals and mortals and as Oscar and Lily fall more in love, Lily soon realizes what her deeds are. She is destined to become a Monster Hunter!


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©Copyright by Samantha Hallwood

The night was, to this exact date, 80 years ago. This rule which changed Hemlington has been so effective to our lives. We have to follow the rule, our life has already been organised. Sir Marcus Corbet was the man behind this. He is the most powerful man in England. You abide his rule... or die.


A small face poked around my door. Golden blonde curls shaped around her slim pretty face.

‘Lily, mum said you have to go get some water!’ This annoying little girl is Willow; you probably have already guessed she is my sister.

Every person in Hemlington had to trek up the cobbled path, past the guards into the Green. This of course is the most dangerous trek we have to take to survive. Water is valuable but is only connected in the Green. So here I go.

‘Hurry up Lily. You’re so slow. Grandmamma could go quicker than you.’

‘Shut up Will, I’m going as quickly as I can.’

My mother is what you call, a hermit. She lives in this old house, never moving from that flowery chair in the living room. She is also what you call, nosy. There are four standing mirrors surrounding her little chair, in these mirrors you see what is happening every angle in the street. When I was younger she would tell me that she was looking for fairies, which of course came out at night. But now I am 17, I realise she is crackers. On the small, chipped table just next to her chair is a notepad. This notepad is for her drawings. She is a beautiful drawer; she draws simple things like flowers, trees, birds. I used to voyage this old house, I can tell you one thing this is the best house for hide and seek. I would find small cupboards containing pictures of our family, old family air- looms. But one day I found a strange looking box, it was covered in fine leather with a golden buckle at the opening. In this case were many drawings of witches and werewolves, trolls and vampires. These drawing were signed by Beatrice Fiddler, my mother. This case is wrapped in a blanket and covered in clothes, just at the bottom of my bed. My mother never cleans my room, so I am safe, for now.

I walk down that same cobbled path, where so many lives were soon taken. Many worried faces surrounded me, a few I noticed, there was the boy I sat next to in English. Who was it again...? Phillip. From each worried face, was a jug in their sweaty palms. These jugs have been passed through generations of families. It will then go to the oldest male child then to their oldest child and so on. It inherited to me but originally it should not. This happened ever since the water was closed off to the town when the rule was made. These jugs were talisman, if our family survived this life that will mean you will survive to. But if you don’t have a jug then... well you can guess. The people which will come to a terrible fate have bowls. Bowls are to show that ‘You can’t live on a bowl of water. It is too weak and small as will the owner will become.’ These are the words of the founder Sir Marcus Corbet. In my hand was a terracotta bowl. We are named as the Victim.

My father died in 2002. Murdered! I came downstairs to find my mother at the feet of a tall policeman. He touched my shoulder and shook his head. That was the day my mother came house bound. Father was murdered... by a monster! No normal human like we get now. Sick, twisted and depraved men and women you get to today. Oh no! The extra-ordinary, un- wanted creatures, unthinkable beings. This is what we do; this is what we love to hunt. Monsters!

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