Best Friends Forever๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ

Me and my best friend Harry are like the best best friends in the world. He's really nice and sweet and really active. He's so likable in some ways. People thinks we're dating at school which is NOT true... Harry is like my brother because I only have one little sister. We're really close and nothing can break us apart.... But one day, my mom's work is transferred in New York and that means we have to move there in order for my mom to continue her job. But what about Harry? What should I do? I don't know what to do.... Check out this story to know what happens


2. The Gift.๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ’

I was awake. It was 8am. My phone rang and it was so loud. I looked up and Harry was calling me. I answered it. I said " What? It's so early!." Harry said " sorry cutie. Didn't mean to wake you up." I said looking more tired " What do you want from me?." Harry said " nothing just saying Good Morning!." I said " well its not anymore coz you woke me up!." Harry said " sorry cutie. I promise I won't do that again." I said " well..... Um...... Well.... Fine!. This isnt gotta be a trick again Mister!." Harry said " it isn't. Can you please come to my house right now? I have to give you something." I said" uhhhhh!!! Does it really have to be right now?." Harry said " Yes Please!." I said " Fine I'm coming!." Harry said " Yay! Thank you cutie!." I sighed. I went to Harry's house. I knocked on the door. Harry's sister Gemma opened the door. I said " hi Gemma! Is Harry there?." Gemma was still on her pajamas. She said " um.... Sure his upstairs on his room. You can go up there." I said " thanks." I walked up to Harry's room. I knocked on the door. Harry called out " Gemma if it's you I'm not letting you cut my hair!." I looked confused. I said " um.... Harry its me Carrie." Harry quickly opened the door. He said " Oh Carrie sorry about that I thought it was my sister." I said " it's fine I guess so what am I doing here?." Harry said " Ohhhh yeah.. You have to close your eyes come on in! Now close your eyes..." I was pretty scared of what he might do. I said " what are you gonna do?." Harry said " don't worry it's fine." I closed my eyes. Then I felt something on my neck and my hand. Then i opened my eyes and I saw that Harry gave me a bracelet that says " Best Friends Forever." Also, a necklace that says " Best BFF ever." I said " oh thank you Haz this is really sweet." Harry said " youre welcome. You are my best friend and nothing will break us apart." I said " you're right! Nothing will break us apart!." We both smiled cutely.
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