Best Friends Forever💙💜

Me and my best friend Harry are like the best best friends in the world. He's really nice and sweet and really active. He's so likable in some ways. People thinks we're dating at school which is NOT true... Harry is like my brother because I only have one little sister. We're really close and nothing can break us apart.... But one day, my mom's work is transferred in New York and that means we have to move there in order for my mom to continue her job. But what about Harry? What should I do? I don't know what to do.... Check out this story to know what happens


1. My best friend💜

I was at the park with my best friend Harry. We were playing tag and I kept running and running. Harry called out " Carrie wait up!." I said " nah no thanks you'll never gonna catch me!." Harry said smiling " Oh yes I can girl!." I said " no you can't. You can't even run as fast as your cat does." Harry said " oh dont you put Dusty in this conversation you girly!." I made a pretend mad look to Harry. Harry smiled cutely. I said " I'm going home!." Harry said " no! No! No! Don't leave I'm so sorry cutie I'm really really sorry." I said " I don't believe you." Harry said " yes yes you should believe me. I'll do anything just for you to stay." I said " really anything?." Harry said " ofcourse I bet you can't do anything for me.." I said " oh yes I can!." Harry said " really? Truth or dare?." I quickly said as he finished the words " DARE!." Harry said " oh Dare! Let's see it cutie!." I said " yeah and after I'm done with this you're gonna regret you call me cutie.. You're gonna call me The Rebel." Harry said " hmmpp! Let's see it pretty thing!. Can you climb that big tree over there?." I said " oh yes I can!." I ran to the big tree and slowly climbed up. Harry's mouth dropped opened. Harry went up to me and said " No! No! What are you doing? You're gonna fall!." I said " well you told me to do it." Harry said " I never thought you're actually gonna do it. I was kidding." I said " well you could've told me before I climbed up this tree..." Harry said " Yes sorry.... You have to get down there now!." I said " really? What if you're lying again?." Harry said " seriously I'm not lying Cutie please get down there for me?." Harry did that really cute face that I always fell into everytime he does it. I said " please don't give me that face... Fine! I'll get down." I got down from the tree but I stepped on this branch and I was falling. I was so scared. Harry quickly caught me. Thank goodness!." He was carrying me. It was awkward. I said " um..... Can I get down now?." Harry said " oh sure......sorry." I said " don't worry it's fine... Do you wanna go home now? I'm hungry." Harry said " sure love." I smiled. Then we went home.
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