Best Friends Forever💙💜

Me and my best friend Harry are like the best best friends in the world. He's really nice and sweet and really active. He's so likable in some ways. People thinks we're dating at school which is NOT true... Harry is like my brother because I only have one little sister. We're really close and nothing can break us apart.... But one day, my mom's work is transferred in New York and that means we have to move there in order for my mom to continue her job. But what about Harry? What should I do? I don't know what to do.... Check out this story to know what happens


6. After the Day...

 I was at the couch and I had nothing to do. I really dont understand whats happening to my life. Its just that its really hard to face everything. We are leaving tomorrow and i dont know how it is gonna be like in another country. I kinda know how im gonna feel maybe because I had this friend named Kesh when I was about 6 years old. She used to hang out with me and harry but she moved to Alaska and she had some new friends there. She never contacted me or harry anymore. I remembered the last time she video chatted with us was when me and harry were like 10 years old. So i dont wanna do that to Harry. Hes my best friend in the whole world and his mad at me now. He thought i didnt care about our friendship but I do. He never called me since yesterday. He used to say "Good Morning" everytime but he didnt. I need to explain to him everything. So I went to his house. I knocked on the door. Anne opened it. She said " Hello Carrie." I said " Hi anne. Can i talk to Harry?." Anne said " He is not here." I said looking confused " What do you mean his not here? Where is he then?." Anne said " I dont know. I thought he was in your house.". I said " No he wasnt. He was mad at me so i have no idea." Anne said " oh what!! where is Harry???.." I said looking really scared " I gotta go and find him." Anne said " ok thank you." I walked away. I went everywhere. I felt guilty. I dont know where Harry is. This is all my fault. I went to Alex's house Harry's cousin. He wasnt there. I went and look everywhere. Where could he be?????!!!!! THis is all my fault I have to find him!!!!!! Where could he possibly be???

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