Wolf's Cry

A War between the Protectors and the Attackers of Earth. A Battle over the food-chain. One Species will die, but the other will reign supreme. One already does, but kills it's home. Humans will have to defend their throne on the the top of the food-chain from animals that have always been on the edge of threat. Wolves...


1. Time of Dying

A never ending story of suffering, pain and protection. A species built to out live the rest, to purify this now broken world. The Humans have failed Mother Nature, just slowly killing her soul. I dare to think of what will happen if this continues much longer into the future. I dare think of what will happen if we die, erased from the Earth, when we are here to save it.


But I cannot be that guardian. No more can I protect the forests, rivers and living spirits breathing in the air. It's not my destiny, it shall happen, or so I hope and pray. Nothing will stop me from trying, in the next life I will try again. Never will I give into a bullet from a gun, or sharp metal that would crush my bones and cut open my blood. We do not have a reason to kill, except to serve out World, nothing else. Self defense is not a priority I give into, or that might just be me. Either I am stronger to defend and attack. Or I'm weaker, so I cannot care for anyone else.


The full Moon raised into the black studded sky, nothing else mattering, just the Moon. The stars are the hands that hold up Mother Nature's Sun of the Night. No Human will ever think like us, none of them. We are the only species that can fight the distractions they live amongst, they are weak. I might be dying, but I still have more strength and will power in a single paw than a Human does in their whole body.


One more breath,
One more cry,
One more drop of blood.


I raised my head high, to the Moon and cried out in pain and help of Mother Nature. One more chance, I will show the Humans the damage they have done to you. My legs gave in. I collapsed. My head hitting the soft, rain soaked ground. I whimpered, trying to lift my head slightly. 


One more glimpse at the full Moon with these eyes, then I will serve a new body...

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