Wolf's Cry

A War between the Protectors and the Attackers of Earth. A Battle over the food-chain. One Species will die, but the other will reign supreme. One already does, but kills it's home. Humans will have to defend their throne on the the top of the food-chain from animals that have always been on the edge of threat. Wolves...


2. Cave Drawings

"But Professor, what do they mean?" I shot out when he pointed at me. My notepad still scribbling away, over thinking about everything around me. Scientists have only recently discovered this cave in Northern Canada, over night it has became a major tourist attraction, and that was only a month ago. I'm surprised my school got passes into the cave so quickly, and it wasn't even that expensive. Well, I do live in Canada, so that was an advantage I guess. The Professor stalled slightly, maybe thinking about it, or just over questioned cause he didn't have a clue. His mouth then just stuttered.
"Well that is the thing Miss, no-one actually knows. Scientists are current studying it, and analyzing the meaning of the different images. There are some theories, but they are not yet confirmed, so they are not being announced. Not until there is evidence." 


Everyone else around me was being so boring, and just talking amongst themselves. They probably just came to get out of school for the day, that wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. The Professor also realised this, and rolled his eyes, probably also annoyed at them. This is history in the making, why are you just talking about bloody America's Got Talent? Or some nonsense on Facebook? Seriously!
"Okay everyone, take 5." He gave up, clapped his hands, and walked off to the restricted section. I just wanted to stick my head in there and see what was in there. It had to be something more interesting then this if it's hidden off. My curiosity built, shattering my care for the other people's interest in this Cave.


I peered over my shoulder, everyone was just talking, leaning against the walls. Which just boiled my blood. But I just waved it off, and get annoyed later. The Professor left the white tent, which surrounded part of the Cave wall. It must be a gem or a stone or something like that. I smiled at him as he walked past, he appreciatively smiled back. I might be a teenager, but that doesn't mean I'm not polite. I then crept forward towards the tent, every second or so looking behind me. I didn't want to get caught, but I wanted to see it. I pushed open the plastic sheets over the entrance, and lightly closed them behind me.


The images were much more stranger. It was the end of the Cave, so it must be the end of the story. I scanned it. It was covered in charcoal, with dots of what I'm guessing is chalk. Center in the middle of the black night like sheet, was a  non-living creature. It was very intriguing. I tip-toed closer, only a metre or so away from the ending of this story. I just wanted to know what it was, I did have my own theory. I heard a cough behind me, and quickly swiveled round, to see the Professor. His eyes looking at me, surprised.
"Oh... Um.. I was just..." I stalled, thinking of an excuse. But I just gave up, and dropped my head, disappointed in myself, it's just curiosity normal overtakes me. But he just chuckled, I looked at him. He didn't even the slightest annoyed. I just tilted my head, like a confused puppy.


"I'm just glad at least one of you were interested, I'll let you off since you're actually curious. Now off you pop, before someone else sees you," he said, still chuckling slightly. I quickly trotted out, but not without catching another glimpse of the creature on the wall. I stood outside the entrance, confused, but pleased I didn't get trouble. But then again, I just saw something that only the scientists have seen. I just thought back to the creature. To my eyes, it looked like a... Nah it couldn't be possible, I mean it's genetically improbable. But it couldn't be true, I mean a red winged-wolf.... Brilliant, but then again, impossible. Unfortunately...


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