Halloween Time!

A poem I wrote for Halloween. For the Halloween competition.


1. Halloween

                                                    She was scared, fear had taken over,

                                                She screamed and cried but they took her,

                                                While upon the haunted green,

                                             Fairies dance around their queen.

                                                 The monsters snarl ferociously,

                             choosing there next victim there eyes draw upon a little girl.


The young girl skips joyfully,

a big grin plastered on her little face. 

They whisper menacingly,

The little girl walks closer her eyes drawn.

They catch her in there arms and pull her through.


No one hears her scream,

No one hears her yell in pain,

No one see's the little girl being carried away into the darkness.


The fire consumes the little girl,

where once a little girl stood, stands a little doll,

they pick it up and throw it onto the darkness.

They cackle scarily, blood scattered everywhere.


 They used to be a little girl,

but now she is no more,

there is nothing more of her left,

but just memories of that little girl.



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