The Royal Jerk

"I didn't want him in this school, maybe no-one did but I highly doubt that! But he's here to stay so I might as well cope with it" Ava didn't want him there but she soon finds out that he's not the jerk that everyone thought he was, and that he just had a hard life!


1. My Meeting With The Jerk


My Meeting With The Jerk

My name is Ava, I'm an ordinary girl 5"8, with chestnut brown hair and ocean blue eyes. My family, I have my mother but that's it. I love her to pieces but she needs to step up to the responsibility of having a 16 year old child! I go to Woodbrick high school, if you're thinking about coming to our school, don't. It's so bad and I have a feeling that all of the male teacher are pedophiles and all of the women teachers are on crack. Nothing good has ever happened at this school and I don't think it ever will, that was until now. I was walking with my so called classmates to an emergency assembly, I bet you it's just the headteacher telling us about someone doing crack. I went and sat down in the third row back with my friend Jessica. The headteacher came onstage 

"Hello pupils, we have someone amazing now coming to our school. It's prince Edward." When he said that all you could hear was girls screaming except me and Jess, I mean he's nothing special, what I've heard of him apparently he's a jerk. I've never wanted to meet him and I don't want to, but I guess I'm going to have to see him, hopefully only once or twice! "Quiet down girls, you're going to have to be able to control yourselves around him, he said he wanted to be treated like a normal person." The headteacher said to us even though I bet this Prince is going to want to have special treatment from the teachers like he couldn't do his homework blah blah blah!

I was snapped out of my day dream by loads of screams from the girls; oh great, he's arrived!

When he walked in he acted as if he owned the place, which obviously he did but lets not go into that part too much. All of the girls looked like the wanted to faint or go and kiss him, but that just made me wanna hurl!! He went up to the microphone and said "Hello everyone, I just want to say that I want you to treat me like a normal person and not a prince." He gave us a smile that made everyone swoon, except me I mean what does everyone see in him, I mean he's a jerk! "Jess what do you see in him?" I asked her.

"Well he's got to be that hottest person I have ever seen and he seems so sweet," she answered while I glared at her. How dare she like the devil he's a good for nothing idiot, he doesn't deserve the crown to the country, he'll just spend all of his money on beauty products.

The principle dismissed us and told us to go straight to homeroom and not wait for the prince. Puff, as if I would do that.

"Hey Ava, are you a lesbian or something? I mean you didn't even swoon at that prince guy?" My mate Reuben said to me. I looked at him like he was crazy I mean me a lesbian, the girl who always talks about hot guys, obviously except that stuck up prince! "No I'm not and I take that offensively, I mean he's a stuck up jerk who doesn't deserve the power of controlling the country!" I said back to him and looked at him like he was crazy. 

"Sorry babe I didn't mean to call you a lesbian when you obviously fancy me!" Reuben said to me, I glared at him which made him say "I'm sorry, see you in English!" He waved at me and walked off. I walked into homeroom and sat in my normal seat at the back of the room next to Jess when I suddenly heard everyone gasp.... 

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