The Royal Jerk

"I didn't want him in this school, maybe no-one did but I highly doubt that! But he's here to stay so I might as well cope with it" Ava didn't want him there but she soon finds out that he's not the jerk that everyone thought he was, and that he just had a hard life!


2. My Home room With The Jerk!!!!

I looked up to he who must not be named walking into homeroom! Why is he in my homeroom, couldn't he have been in someone elses! He walked up to our teacher, Mr Arnold, and told him that he's the new student which of course Mr Arnold smiled at him and looked so proud that he was in his homeroom! 

I looked around the whole of the room to find an empty seat, that he would sit in and found the only one right next to me. Oh god! Why does he have to sit next to me, why is there only a seat next to me and not one of his fan girls???? He came and sat next to me and looked at me with a smirk, I glared at him giving him the best evil look I could muster so he said to me "What's your problem with me? I haven't done anything to you! I haven't even met you yet!" 

"No you haven't met me yet and I hoped that we would never meet but I guess my wishes don't come true. I don't like you and there is only one reason why! It's because you're a complete jerk! You don't care for anyone but yourself, I mean why else would you spend like all of the money you got given on hair products and other stuff for you! You don't care for the people here, the people who are poor and can only just get by but are slowly dying. You couldn't give a care in the world for those who aren't like you, but guess what? The world doesn't revolve around you, it's doesn't revolve around anyone!" I said back to him.I had to take a big gasp of breath in after that because of how long the speech was. He just looked at me, shocked, he didn't think that anyone would say anything like that to him, but I'm not afraid.

"I'm not who you think I am! That is just what the press make me out to be, I do care for everyone in this country and it needs so big help. I don't think that you can understand how much pressure I am going through, I don't need some girl to come and have a go at me for so stuff that she doesn't even know is true!" He said back to me, he had a couple of true points but I still hated him! He was still a jerk and he didn't deserve the responsibility of the country!

"I still don't like you and I don't believe anything that you can say will change my mind on you!" I glared at him.

"I don't care what you think you're just some girl and I can have anyone!" He said to me. "See there is that attitude that I'm on about!" I said back. Luckily the bell rang but as soon as I walked into English, I saw Edward's fangirls there, so he's obviously is this class of mine too. Oh God this year is going to be hell!

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