Summer For Charlotte Jenkins

Meet Charlotte Jenkins, a funny, sweet hearted, wacky girl. Although when her mum sends her to Summer School, she hopes that when one friend turns your life upside down, being weird and having true friends can sort everything out.


4. Chapter 4- I was a hurricane of Talent

Day 2,

 Me; Dark wash, denim skinny jeans, with a bright coral, long sleeved (technically a pajama top but shhh) top with three star buttons going down from the collar, with white converse all-star wedges and an oversized, cranberry-red Dirty Harry jumper.

Zoe; Black skater dress covered with small pink roses, cropped denim jacket paired with black plimsoles.

Hannah: Bleached, denim shorts (very distrested), with a pair of white vans and a black spaghetti straps with a cute cherry pattern all around the top.

Yas: Blue crop top with quarter sleeves, black skater skirt, beige bowler hat, navy knee-high socks with Blue vans

Laurie: Sheer shirt with a cute collar (she had a vest on underneath, don't worry), high shorts and galaxy leggings with orange plimsoles.

"We were all looking super cute and violet gets jelous at our insane beauty and...erm.... we get all the boys in the WORLD!" Zoe joked, we were outside, by the tree, eating lunch. Today we had to make up another play but a real one, we didn't have to mime, say one word. There were no compilcations apart from the fact we were totally out of ideas.

"Laurie can you please help?" Hannah begged, before munching on her bagel.

"No, I can't Miss said I must step back and broaden my horizons or something.." Laurie mumbles with a babybel in her mouth.

"I know!!" I cried, a thought popping into my mind, "Have y'all read 'The view from a bridge'?" All the girls nodded, "We could do a modern verson and dedicate it to Arthur Miller!! Or-" I started to ramble,

"Let's do that! I could be Beatrice, Hannah  could be Eddie, Zoe you can be..Marco, Charlotte you can be Rudolfo and Laurie will be Alfieri!" Yas stated,

"Okay, same names but different!" Laurie said,

"How?" Hannah asked,

"How about instead of Brooklyn..We're from Essex!" Zoe suggested,

"Yeah, yeah! And, Eddie is a Butcher!" Laurie laughed,

"A-and..." I say, laughing too hard to speak, "I and Zo will Jamaican!"

"This will be the BEST PLAY EVER!" Yas shouted.


"This is the worst Play ever! They've completely ruined the classic that is 'The view from a bridge'!" Violet cried,

"I'm not so sure..." Miss said, "I think, doing a classic that has high levels of tenison in and recreate it to a comedy is..Genius! It's very well put together and you all looked like you were having a blast!!" Miss, kindly, told us, "Laurie, it was great to see you're acting skills, I just hope you didn't make this on you own?"

"Oh no, miss, it was Charlotte's idea!" Laurie explained, I made a note to self to hug Laurie because by golly! The look on violet's face? Stunned.

"Oh, well, Charlotte? That was amazing! You were a hurricane of talent up there, you were made for theater!!"

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