Summer For Charlotte Jenkins

Meet Charlotte Jenkins, a funny, sweet hearted, wacky girl. Although when her mum sends her to Summer School, she hopes that when one friend turns your life upside down, being weird and having true friends can sort everything out.


3. Chapter 3- New Neighbor

I walk into my bedroom, after an exciting first day and fall onto my bed. As my weight makes a dent in the bed, some of the pillows fall on my face. I leave them there, on my face, just because of the cooling effect. The chilled pillow is pulled off my face and I see Zoe starring down at me. "Ugh! It's sooooo hot!" I sigh, sitting up on my bed. I flick a switch next to my bed, putting on the other air conditioner. I have two. France is unbearabel in summer. The sun blazes high in the sky, making all of us look unattractive and sweaty. ew.

Zoe fans herself using her one hand whilst she also searches in her bag. "Aha!" She pulls out a battery fan, "But haven't you gotten used to it yet? You've lived here ages, surely?!" Zoe raises her eyebrow, she looks away and brings out a mini laptop, acer. I go over and sit down next to her. She's logged on facebook. Typying quickly, she writes:  In France!! Amazingly hot, aha. Love Summer School, so much fun. Am with Charlotte Jenkins, woo woo!! Type soon xxxx

I walk down the steps in my flip flops, the jagged rocks hurting me through the thick foam padding under my feet, to the kitchen. I open the fridge door, getting out a jug filled with icy cold lemon iced-tea. leave the iced tea on the counter and go to admire the view. I was suddenly interupted with an 'Huhm' as a cough. 

'Yes?' I ask, annoyed, as I was finally not caring about the heat, I say looking up from the fridge (outside kitchen, garden right there, a few steps away) and find a dark-haired boy starring, angrily at me. "What?!" I ask, flustered

"Nice." He mutters,


"I live next door."

"So?" I ask, rudily but he'd just barged into my kitchen, you know,

"I need Juice." I was a bit fazed because he looked cute. Not my type, though, too arogent and grumpy.

I sigh, open the fridge door and pass him a carton of pomogrante juice. Just like that he left, "Wait!" I ran up to him, "Who are you, are you new in town?"

He comes closer than I would of liked, "It's a big world out there. Why does it matter if I'm new in town?"

"Well, are you, anyway?" I ask, out of curiousity,


"Then why don't I know you?"

"Because I haven't wanted you to know me." He said, simply,

"What's your name, then, tell me that!" I asked, bored of this game he was playing,

"Why are you obsessed with me?"

"What the- I'm NOT obsessed with you, just forgodsakes, I need to say 'YOURNAME took the pomogrante juice, go out and buy some more' to my mum. OH-KAY?"

"You'll know my name soon, just wait, Soon You'll Know everything." And just like that he walked away. What did he mean by that?

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