Summer For Charlotte Jenkins

Meet Charlotte Jenkins, a funny, sweet hearted, wacky girl. Although when her mum sends her to Summer School, she hopes that when one friend turns your life upside down, being weird and having true friends can sort everything out.


2. Chapter 2- Oh how jellied my knee’s went!

I wake up at six, warm some croissants in the oven, have a cup of tea and make muma coffee then brush my hair. Still in my lamb pj’s I carry up two plates of chocolate croissants, for I and Zoe. After we’d eaten our breakfast, I got dressed into my outfit and curled the ends of my straight, brown hair. I was completely shocked at how gorgeous Zoe looked.  She was wearing tan tights, green short skirt, White, sleeve-less top with pink roses on, leather high boots and a coral waist cardie.

“Cheese!” Zoe said holding a Polaroid camera, we take a picture and just as we leave, before it’s even been developed I stick it with blu-tak on my wall. “Charlotte! Come on,”

I slam the door before running to the bus stop. Zoe looks at me, I don’t get it until she nods at the bus driver. Speaking in French, I ask the driver for two saver tickets, the bus lady hands Zoe the ticket and I give the driver a five euro note. “Thank you! I think you may have to be with me on public transport!”

"Ahah don't worry" Zoe started to run towards a tall model-looking girl. The girl looked stunning in a plain baby blue French dress.

“Hannah?!” Zoe asked, sitting down next to the girl. “I didn't know you were here too!” Hannah nodded, hugging Zoe. “Yay! Oh, Hannah, this is Charlotte,” Zoe nodded at me, to be completely honest I was jelous. Not only was she gorgeous, she was stunning. I cried in my head. Ugh. it's so annoying.

After the Bus journey we arrived at Areana Hall School, for young girl’s. Not only was I nervous but excited. Me, Zoe and Hannah noticed five gorgy boys in uniform (blazer, tie, shirt, trousers). Oh, how jellied my knee’s went! We stood there, mouth’s hanging open, as they passed us. One of them winked at me just before they flew passed us. “Oh,” Hannah breathed

“My,” Zoe said, the other side of me.

“God!” I shrieked, my heart hammering against my ribcage. Why did he wink at me?!


“They are so cute!” Hannah says, the bell rings, loud. “Come’ on, let’s brave the day…Zoey, hurry up!” We look back and see Zoe still staring at the tiny boy figures in the distance. “Zoe, we’ll see them in a bit! Just hurry up, we’ll be late!!” Hannah pulled at Zoe’s arm.

“…But-” Zo’ whimpered as we pulled her into the building. We walked into the entrencre -Thats what it was called. Typo? I dont even know. When we entered the room, there were 40 seats in a big circle. We sat down quickly.

“Hey, I’m Laurie!” The small blonde girl exclaimed as we sat down, before I could even say ‘hi’. “What’s your name?”

“My name is Charlotte, this is Zoe and Hannah!” I tell Laurie, she nods when I say each name.

“Oh, your French, aren’t you?!” Laurie suddenly called out; I can see on Hannah’s face that she couldn’t even tell.

“What gave me away?” I ask

“I don’t know I think it’s just an accent, I mean I can’t speak French. It’s just like fluba bosh, kella ufuna kesta!” Laurie says to me, “Oh, sorry if that offends you in anyway!”

“No, don’t worry!” I say with a smile on my face, Laurie sighs as if saying ‘Thank god, if you took it personally I’d feel terrible!’ which is quite amusing.

“Hello, class!” A woman with wild, black, fizzy hair walked into the room. “I am not only your teacher but the Head of Areana Hall. As, some of you know, not everyone will be joining us next term. If you impress us, you could join and stay, learn and enjoy everyday. If not, you’ll go back to your normal school lives.”

She pauses, for dramatic affect, “You will be dancing, singing, acting and painting. To pass you need to impress us in two of these classes. Half way through this term you will receive if you’ll stay. If not we say good bye at the end of the term. If you pass you stay until the end of term, say good bye to your family back home and live here for three years!” She starts to smile, trying to lose the tension.

“Okay, first let’s get to know each other!” She coughs twice, covering her mouth, “I’ll start. I’m Miss. Havened, I like acting and I’ve played on Broadway four times! Next is… You!” She points at a girl two seats down from Zoe.

“Hey, I’m Violet. I love to sing and Dance. I’ve played two leads, one musical and three background dancers.” I stare at her; she’s basically a triple threat! Plus she’s drop-dead gorgeous!! Agh! How I envy her. This is so not fair.

“Everyone, Violet has been with us for one year and will help you if you get stuck. She is open and can keep a secret! She will help with anything. Next is…You! The one in the blue and white dress!” Her finger is pointing straight forward, towards me.

“Hey, I’m Charlotte, I like singing, painting and acting. I haven’t been in anything, so I hope I can learn a bit from being at Areana Hall… Oh! Actually I have done something, I was Puck from Mid summer Nights Dream last term but it was more of a musical rather than a play!”

Next was Laurie, “I’m Laurie, short for Laura-May. I describe myself as a script-writer. I’ve written and starred in 10 plays, but none were on Broadway!”

After Laurie was a girl with Straight black hair and blue eyes, “I’m Yasmine, I go to the Royal Ballet in London but I would hopefully like to go into acting. Royal Ballet in tough physically but acting would be tougher and a dream come true.”

“I’m Zoe; I love to dance and paint. My dream is that one of my pieces of art, whether in dance or paint will be shown to the world!”

“I’m Hannah, I’ve been known as a model,” I knew it! “But that isn’t why I’m on the world is it? To be photographed? I’ve been told since I was young that I’m pretty but I think rather stretch my ability’s to a new level than be in pain and smiling.” Whoa, deep!

After everyone was done, “Good job girls, now we will go in groups of five and make a short sketch, you have ten minutes!” I look to Hannah, then to Laurie, then to Zoe then to Yasmine.

“Okay what should it include?" Laurie asked us, as we got in a much smaller circle.

"A bicicle!" Yasmine laughed,

"Tambourine," Zoe said shaking  a tambourine (however you spell it)

"AND DOG!" Hannah screamed.

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