Never Say Never

This is a Harry Styles fanfic, it’s before he was famous so don’t expect him to have people following him around and asking for his autograph and everything. It’s about a girl called Emily and… well you'll find out the rest when you read it!


2. Chapter Two

I sat at the kitchen table, homework in front of me, chewing the end of my pen.

‘If you eat your pen you won’t have anything to write your answers with.’ Harry said, scribbling down his own answers. I looked over his shoulder and he pushed me away, ‘Don’t even think about it, Emily’ He then turned over his sheet.

‘Harry! I need heeeelllpppp!’ I whined and looked at him with giant puppy eyes.

‘Okay, if you stop looking at me with those big puppy eyes’ I stopped doing the puppy eyes.

‘So what am I meant to do for this question?’ I pointed to a question on the sheet.

He ran me through what I was supposed to do and I wrote down the answers I’d got. It had seemed so easy with him there to help me and point out what I did wrong.

When we had finally finished I smiled a beaming smile at him. He grinned back at me and tucked a stray bit of my auburn hair behind my ear. I felt tingly all over and just so happy.

‘Emily, I-‘

He was cut off by the door opening and my mum shouting ‘I’m home!’

We both looked in the direction of the front door and my mum walked into the kitchen.

‘Hey mum’ I smiled at her, ‘How was shopping?’ She smiled back at me.

‘Great, thanks Em, I see you invited Harry over.’ She turned to Harry, ‘Well you’re more than welcome to stay for tea.’ I could see Harry smiling but I knew we were both feeling a little awkward.

‘Thanks Mel, I’ll call my mum.’ He got up out of the seat and took his phone out of his pocket. He walked into the hallway.

‘So Em, how was your day?’ My mum asked, smiling.

‘Great, I did some reading, watched a Justin interview and Harry and I have just finished doing homework’ I was feeling strangely happy, and my mum could feel it radiating off of me.

‘What else Em?’ She queried me; I knew what she was getting at.

‘Nothing else mum, and definitely nothing like what you’re thinking.’ I said, laughing. I felt weird, deep down inside me I knew I wanted something like that to have happened, but it didn’t. If only my mum had been five minutes late.

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