Never Say Never

This is a Harry Styles fanfic, it’s before he was famous so don’t expect him to have people following him around and asking for his autograph and everything. It’s about a girl called Emily and… well you'll find out the rest when you read it!


3. Chapter Three


Harry walked back into the kitchen.

‘My mum said I could stay for dinner’ My lips curved into a smile, more time with Harry, more chances for him to finish what he wanted to say earlier.

Mum threw a look at me, a well-isn’t-that-good look. I wanted to laugh but I knew that if I did Harry would want to know what I was laughing about as always.

Harry looked at me, I looked at him.

‘There was one bit of homework we forgot, can we do it now?’ Harry smiled at me.

I wondered why he had said that, we had double checked that we had finished everything.

‘Sure’ I smiled back at him. He gestured for us to leave the room and then I finally got it.

He wanted to talk to me. Alone.

I walked on up the stairs and he followed me, I thought my room was probably best to talk in, that way mum wouldn’t be able to eavesdrop.

I sat down on my bed.

‘I know there was no homework left, what’s the real reason Harry?’ I asked, I knew what he was going to say.

‘Well, we left some things unsaid earlier and well… yeah’ said Harry. I looked up at him and then gestured for him to sit down beside me on my bed and he sat next to me.

‘Yeah, I suppose we did...’ I said, I could feel a blush creeping up on my face, my cheeks burning.

‘You’re cute when you blush’ Harry said quietly.

He slowly leaned in, until his lips met mine in a soft, warm kiss.
I felt myself melt and I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his own around my waist…

We broke apart as we heard my mum shout ‘Dinners ready!’

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