Never Say Never

This is a Harry Styles fanfic, it’s before he was famous so don’t expect him to have people following him around and asking for his autograph and everything. It’s about a girl called Emily and… well you'll find out the rest when you read it!


7. Chapter Seven


We walked out of the cinema hand in hand in hand. I had a giant smile on my face.

We kept walking until we reached the park, and we sat down on one of the benches.

The park is always beautiful, there's a duck pond, and an amazing view in some places. We could see for miles, row after row of houses. When I think about it the park is the place where I feel most at ease, surrounded by nature.

I sighed happily, Harry smiled at me.

I don't know how long we sat there for, we just sat, thinking, smiling and looking at the beauty of the entire park, but when we finally got up to go it was getting darker and colder.

'Come on, they'll be wondering where we are.' I said, and held his hand.

Harry nodded, we started walking back, and I'd had an amazing day, who knew skipping school could be so relaxing?

I arrived home to a mixture of a worried and angry mum. 

'Where have you been Emily? The school called to say you didn't go to lessons after lunch!' I sighed, still melting with the how great the day had been.

'Me and Harry went to the cinema, okay?' Her face relaxed a tiny bit.

‘Well at least you weren’t out on your own all that time. But you still shouldn’t have skipped’ She sighed. ‘Dinner is ready’


[A/N sorry about the really short chapter! I promise I'll do chapter eight a lot longer!]

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