Never Say Never

This is a Harry Styles fanfic, it’s before he was famous so don’t expect him to have people following him around and asking for his autograph and everything. It’s about a girl called Emily and… well you'll find out the rest when you read it!


4. Chapter Four


The following morning my alarm went off at 7:30 as usual, I switched off the alarm and went back to bed.
I was awoken by the sound of the doorbell ringing. It couldn’t be Harry could it? Was I really asleep that long?

I ran downstairs and opened the door. It was Harry.

‘Hey Em, nice pyjamas.’  He chuckled; I looked down and saw I was wearing my Christmas pyjamas that had wrapped presents printed on them. I glared at Harry.

He chuckled again, ‘Overslept huh?’ He grinned, ‘And I’m late today, you better get ready quick’ I scrambled up the stairs and went into my bedroom.

I threw on my clothes, applied a bit of foundation and mascara and then tried to run a comb through my hair. Unfortunately the comb got stuck in a knot, I tried to tug at it to get it out but it wouldn’t come out. I went downstairs, comb still stuck in my hair and glared at Harry.

He burst out laughing when he saw that I had my comb stuck in my hair.

‘C’mere’ He said through laughter, I walked up to him and he pulled the comb out of my hair with ease. I looked at him with wide eyes.

‘How did you..?’ He shook his head while he was laughing.

‘It’s not all about brute force.’ When I still looked at him with confusion he continued, ‘With hair like this,’ He pointed to his mass of curls; ‘You have to be able to use a comb’ He started laughing again.

I glared at him, ‘We have to go now Harry,’ I glanced at my watch, ‘damn, it’s almost quarter to’

I wrestled the shoelaces of my converse then ran out of the door.

‘Come on Harry! We gotta run! We’re already late!’

We sprinted the entire way to school so when we arrived we were tired and out of breath, but we were still late.

‘We’re going to have to sign in at the office. Damn’ I said, as we climbed the steps to the reception to sign ourselves in as late. I’d always hated being late, because then the teachers have a good reason to have a go at you, which, right now, was the last thing I needed.

The receptionist tutted as we walked into reception.

‘What’s the excuse this time Harry?’ She smiled a little, she liked Harry, everyone did. He had that cheeky yet lovable personality that made everyone melt.

‘It’s not my fault, it was Emily’s’ He pointed at me, chuckling.

‘Way to blame me Haz’ I rolled my eyes dramatically, the receptionist laughed.

‘Okay, sign yourselves in the book’ She kept smiling at us.

Harry opened up the book. The book is where you write down if you’re late, why and how late you were.  He wrote it all up inside and then closed it again.

‘Thanks’ He smiled at the receptionist, and then we walked out of the reception and straight to our lesson.

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