Never Say Never

This is a Harry Styles fanfic, it’s before he was famous so don’t expect him to have people following him around and asking for his autograph and everything. It’s about a girl called Emily and… well you'll find out the rest when you read it!


5. Chapter Five


I walked into the cafeteria, glad to be out of class. Most of us had been let out early so the cafeteria wasn’t that full up. I walked down to the food bar, got some pizza, and then walked over to the vending machine to get some lemonade.

I sat down with my tray and waited for Harry to arrive, he’d been told to stay behind for talking in class, along with two girls who had been talking constantly throughout the lesson. I knew this because I had sat next to these girls, and had to be in a group with them. I did all the work; they just talked and talked and talked.

I spotted Harry enter the cafeteria, he got pizza as well and a can of coke. He walked towards me, where I was sitting, alone, at the table where we always sit.

Harry can be classed as one of the ‘popular’ boys but he never sits with other ‘popular’ people, he told me he’d rather eat his lunch in a toilet stand than sit with them.

We ate our lunch and chatted throughout lunch.

When the bell rang, as soon as we had discarded our trays he dragged me along to the field. The complete opposite way we were meant to be going.

‘Harry! What do you think you’re doing? Class is the other way!’ I protested, but he continued to walk to the field, and I had no choice but to follow.

‘We’re skipping class.’ He grinned at me, like a toddler proud of something they’d made.

‘But we can’t skip class!’ I looked at him with shock, I had never skipped a class before, skipped a homework maybe, but not a class!

‘Since when have you liked biochem?’ He chuckled. I glared at him.

‘Harry, we’re gonna get told off. They might even call our parents!’ I shoved him a little.

He was still grinning.

‘It’ll be fun, I promise Em’ He lifted me up and started spinning me round.

I squealed and closed my eyes, my hair swishing about.

He put me down the looked into my eyes, this time more seriously he said, ‘I promise’

Then I felt his warm lips against mine in a kiss.

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