Cat o' nine tails

Cat o' nine tails is a story about a young girl who has a deep, dark secret. She tries to remain calm when some of the older children at school pin her up against the wall, but she fails to. Her fingernails turn into devilishly sharp claws and she begins to grow fangs. Trailing behind her is a matted black tail, and she grows a small, stubby nose and starts to hiss and spit at everyone surrounding her. The staff come out to see what has happened was too late. Lying on the floor were 50 or 60 dead bodies...they had clearly been ripped to shreds.


2. Alone in the dark

It was cold and damp inside, and there was crumbling soil above me. I could still hear screaming, but the sound faded as I walked deeper into the mine. Dead spiders littered the floor, and cobwebs dangled down from the ceiling. It was better than being up there. Anything was. I didn't know whether I was going to have to sleep down here, so I placed a sand bag that I had found on a slab of marble and lay down to rest. You may be thinking it wasn't comfortable, and believe me, it wasn't. But I was going to have to get used to it, because If I went up there again, they would almost certainly be creating havoc, shouting, screaming and waving pitchforks. Who knows what they would do to me? Anyway, soon it became nighttime, and you would never believe how dark it got down there. You couldn't even see my slab glinting. I couldn't get to sleep anyway, because I knew there were rats. Great big black ones. And they bite. Their bite feels like ten needles slicing through your skin. I should know. Iv'e been bitten by one. Oh, one more thing. Be careful  because when they bite, they don't let go.

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