in the name of love

When dylan move in with her dad she meets a boy and he diffrent but is it all happening too fast


5. Recording My Album

When I went into the studio it was bustleing full of people, I wasn't sure if I was in the right place my dad said this was his quitest studio. I spoke to the heavily tanned receptionist she looked at me as if I didn't belong here see what I mean.

I went to studio 1 just as the girl said but there were some people in there. It was One Direction I mean I knew who they where, Doesn't mean I'm going to fangirl over them. I was more into the country Scene, My dad was had begun to mould me into the perfect popstar ever since he found out I could sing, one of those ones that thought they deserved to be famous but I just could of help but wish that my dad wasn't my dad so I could have earned everything I wanted instead of having it handed to me.

What I didn't realise is that I have been in a daydream for about five minuets, all I heard was my name being called. That's when I looked up and saw the Curly Haired one right up in my grill asking what I was doing in their studio, my eyes started watering ever since my dad suggested I beign recording my first album I knew It would go wrong, so many bad feeling being bottled up inside of me this just popped the cork out and let them all go. I just turned and ran straight out the door got in my car and Cried I heard footsteps and then as voice go " Oh shit I'm sorry" I just started the engine and went to the only place I happy in california Venice Beach. I called up the only celebrity I was friends with Miss Demi Lovato
After 2 rings she picked up
" Hey Girl"
"Hey Demi, I'm back in LA wanna hang out"
" Yeah sure but I'm recording at the moment wanna listen"
"I can wait for you, Ill meet you at venice beach in 30 okay"
" Okay, Bye girl"
' Bye chicka"
So after that disaster of a morning I just sat on the beach waiting for demi to come.

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