Wolf Girl

Kim is just a normal girl, she is an orphan and is from England. She has moved back and forth from care home to care home and has now ended up in America. She now stays in a big care home called Loving Friends but do not take the name seriously! Miss Trout, the most scary woman Kim has ever seen is in charge and she is not going to be kind!
Kim is soon to find the beautiful jaw dropping Ethan. Who soon falls for her. Electricity tingles when they touch. But Ethan has a secret, and that secret can not be known or Kim's life could be in danger.


18. Soul Mate


 I was in the forest again, by myself in the opening. I heard a low growl, and a pair of dark eyes staring at me. I started to run; I heard it behind me galloping along catching its prey. I knew it was faster than me; it will soon catch up to me and...Well...you know.

Tears fell down my cheek. I felt its breath on the back of my neck. I started to plead.

‘Please, please don’t.’ I cried.

It was too late.

I shot up, breaking a sweat.

‘It’s only a dream, it’s only a dream.’ I told myself my breath breaking with a flow of tears. I wiped them away and got out of bed. I looked at the clock 3am. Will Em be up?

I knocked on Ems door, there was a slow grumble. I guessed it said come in. I opened her door, to find her sprawled across her bed. Her room was smaller than mine, it had the same view as my room but you could see more of the grounds. She had pink curtains hanging from her window. Her desk was covered with school books and pictures of her friends and Han. Her covers were a lot better than mine, she had an actual duvet, and I had sheets and a thin blanket. I think I need to go shopping.

Ems head lifted out of her covers, her hair was a mess. Sticking out everywhere, I stifled a laugh in. She frowned.

‘What time is it?’ She mumbled wiping her eyes from sleep.

‘Erm, 3am.’ I said feeling a lot guilty for wakening her up.

She groaned and slumped back down in bed. I sat on the end of her bed.

‘Why are you up so early?’ She muffled from under her covers.

‘I, er, had a bad dream. Couldn’t sleep.’ I said embarrassed. But I felt like I could tell Em anything. Even though I have just met her.

She sat up in bed, and looked at me sadly. ‘What was it about?’ She shuffled towards me and draped the covers around both of us.

‘I don’t really know,’ she frowned again. ‘Well I do know but it’s hard to explain really.’ I stuttered. Em shuffled in closer, waiting. I sighed. ‘Okay but you can’t tell anyone!’ She put her hand to her heart. ‘Okay. Well yesterday me and Ethan went into town in his jeep. I wanted to get my haircut so he took me. We then went and found somewhere to eat. Jamie had visited me before we went and started to say strange things about Ethan’s appearance. Saying about his eyes being so dark and menacing, about his muscles being so hard and his looks.’ Em nodded agreeing about his looks. ‘And well when I told Ethan he sort of... Well...lost it really. He walked out of the dinner and ran down an alley. He then came back, but when I carried on he was shaking like mad and he was going redder and redder.’

‘So what about this dream then?’ Em asked curiously.

‘Well when Jamie had told me these things about him she was like...asking me what I think he was. She said when they went out he told her straight away. Ethan freaked out when I said that. I asked him if he would tell me but he said I will have to figure it out myself, because it could be dangerous for me.’ I paused for a breath. Em looked intrigued she was leaning in closer and closer. ‘So, my dream. I was in the forest you know out on the grounds?’ she nodded. ‘Well, I was in there and I heard a growl from the trees. Then some black eyes, I started to run but I heard it running behind me. I plead with it but it got me.’ I shivered and Em did to. ‘What do you think this means?’

‘Well,’ Em started. ‘It could link somehow to Ethan. With the dark eyes, but then how could and why would he attack you?’Em sat there in total silence trying to think it over. I saw her mind jogging over the reasons. ‘It can’t be.’ She argued with herself. I twiddled my thumbs; I didn’t know what she was getting at. Finally she looked up. ‘Kim, I don’t know if it is true but what you saw in that dream. May have been....Ethan.’

‘It can’t off been him. Why would he attack me?’ I started to shake. What if Em was right, is he trying to lure me in?

‘I don’t believe he would attack you. But you know when he said it is dangerous for you?’ I nodded weakly numb from the idea that he would attack me. ‘Well maybe this links up. He doesn’t want to attack you but he might get forced into it if he told you.’ Em could be right. That’s why he is warning me.

‘But he told Jamie but she never got killed.’ I said. Em shrugged.

‘I don’t know but you might just have your answer.’

‘What? That he is a... No he can’t be....It is very unlikely.’

‘I agree there Kim. But you don’t know what can happen here. It has been told as a mysterious place but we have never seen it. Investigators come and go finding nothing. Probably Sherlock Holmes would not find anything. But I can tell you one thing.’


‘You and I have just found that mystery.’ She grinned.

My heart raced, could this be true. Could Ethan be a...a

‘I will be back in a minute.’ I said, Em looked confused. I couldn’t explain, I opened her door and ran down the stairs.

The forest was in sight, I started to speed up.

I ended up in the entrance again, it was dark and I couldn’t see much. The stream twinkled in the moon light; I remembered the night before with Ethan. I walked into the middle of the entrance.

‘Ethan. Are you here?’ My voice echoed and bounced of the trees.

Nothing. ‘Ethan!’ I shouted again. ‘I know your here!’

Still nothing.

But then there was a low rustle of bushes. There was a crack of a twig and there were those dark eyes again. I smiled.

‘Thank you.’ He nodded. ‘Come closer.’ I gestured to him.

He hesitated and stepped forwards.


I can’t believe this.

The one I love.

My best friend.

 My soul mate.

Is....a.... Werewolf!

©Copyright of Samantha Hallwood

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