Wolf Girl

Kim is just a normal girl, she is an orphan and is from England. She has moved back and forth from care home to care home and has now ended up in America. She now stays in a big care home called Loving Friends but do not take the name seriously! Miss Trout, the most scary woman Kim has ever seen is in charge and she is not going to be kind!
Kim is soon to find the beautiful jaw dropping Ethan. Who soon falls for her. Electricity tingles when they touch. But Ethan has a secret, and that secret can not be known or Kim's life could be in danger.


12. Punishment


Em woke me up as usual. I told her about the incident while we got ready for breakfast.

‘I can’t believe that! How could a bottle get there?’ Em questioned as I plaited her hair.

‘I have no idea. Someone must have put it there. Someone who does not like me!’

‘Who had been your room that day?’

I thought. Only Hannah but she would not have done that. Would she?

‘Only Hannah. But I was out of my room for a while. I then came in because I felt ill.’

Em looked confused. Who is this mysterious person?

I ate my cereal quick and said ‘Bye’ to Han, Em and Lisa. Miss Trout collected my from the table. Han gave me an encouraging smile. Could Han of done this to me?

Everyone looked at us as Miss Trout marched me out of the hall. Today was cold and damp. The air felt wet and stuck to my face burning me. She walked me to Biology. She told me to take my seat and she had a word with Mrs Jones. ‘I will collect you at the end of lesson!’ Miss Trout shouted. I had five minutes to go until everyone came in.

Mrs Jones walked over to my table. She sat on the edge and looked into my eyes.

‘Kim. I don’t think you are a bad person. I also don’t believe you’re a drinker.’ I smiled at her. Finally someone who trusted me.

‘I’m not Madame. I would never dream of it. Miss Trout won’t believe me though.’ I looked down.

‘Yes, it’s very hard to get Jean listen to you.’ I guessed she was referring to Miss Trout.

‘I guess yeah.’

‘Don’t worry my dear. This week will be over in a flash.’ She stood up and kissed my forehead.

The class started to pile in. I handed text books out as one by one students came in. Ethan was last in. He sat at our table and did not give me a smile or a ‘Hi’. I guess Jamie has got to him.

We read from the text books and copied exercises into our books. Mrs Jones then turned a small video on to finish the lesson. Ethan sat on the edge of his seat leaning away from me. I kept my head down all the way through the video. We were just packing up when Miss Trout arrived.

‘You! Miss Brown! Out now!’ She bellowed down the classroom. Everyone looked at me. I picked up my bag and collected my book. Ethan looked into my eyes. His were sad and dim.

Miss Trout grabbed my collar and yanked me out the classroom. We walked to English. She pulled me along the corridor. My arm felt like it was getting ripped out of its socket.

I arrived in English to find the classroom half full. I took my place next to John. He had purple marks around his neck from the other night. Good, Ethan defended me and I was glad he did. John is one of them guys that you know will cause some sort of trouble.

Miss Trout collected me again and took me to the cleaning cupboard. She handed me bleach a bucket, rubber gloves, cloths and spray. She led me to the girls bathroom on the first floor. Our floor. I was left alone in the bathroom. I filled the bucket with warm water from the sinks. And started to scrub the floor. There were muddy footprints, wet marks from the showers and various pieces of rubbish. The floor was half clean when I heard a squeak of shoes. I turned to find Jamie and her clan.

Jamie looked down at me her ripped top showing half her skin of and pink hot pants.

Her wedges squeaked as she came closer to me. Her clan guarded the door.

‘Well, Well, Well! If it isn’t Miss snatch a boyfriend Brown. That floors looks very clean it would be horrible if something happened to it!’ She grinned. She tipped a substance onto the floor. Green! Her famous hair dye!

‘Thanks Jamie. I thought that green would go so well with this bathroom. It’s a gross room to match a gross girl. Oh I mean hair colour!’ The next movement happened so fast I did not even realise what happened when I had a throbbing pain at the back of my.

Someone was shaking me awake. I opened my eyes. Ethan. I closed them again tightening them.

‘Kim open your eyes.’ His voice was soft. He stroked my cheek tracing my features.

I sat up to quickly, my head swirled in circles and I nearly fell. Ethan caught me. Caressing me.

‘What happened?’ I slurred. I still felt dizzy.

‘You got knocked out I think you slipped. Your head is bashed a bit and bleeding and your nose is as well.’ I then felt a shoot of pain go through my nose.

I clasped my nose. Wishing I hadn’t. My hands were covered in blood. ‘Ow!’

‘Come here I will clean you up.’ Ethan held a cool flannel in his hand. He held my head in his hand and gently rubbed the blood of my face. I felt like a right baby.

‘Why are you blushing?’ He noticed!

‘I’m a tiny bit embarrassed.’ He chuckled.

‘It’s fine you don’t need to be.’ He was so caring but I was so annoyed with him as well.

I cleaned my face and my hands and put the flannel in the bin bag. He cleaned the floor where I had been and sat back down next to me. He took my hands in his.

‘Why?’ I asked.

‘Why, what?’ He knows I know he does.

‘You know. Why did you lie to me? You embarrassed me Ethan.’ He looked down at our hands.

He swallowed and kept his head down. ‘I did not lie to you. Jamie and I went out for a few days. She got too pushy. Always wanting to know what I was doing. I never had any time for my mates. But when you arrived I saw you through my window. At the time Jamie was there with me. She was overpowering me. I decided to dump her. She cried and cried. She then left. I knew I hurt her but I had to. I saw you and it felt like we were meant to be. I thought of you that night.’ He took a gasp of air and carried on. ‘I then found out you were going to be sat next to me.’

‘How did you know?’ I asked.

‘Well there was only one seat left and that was next to me,’ He grinned, ‘At lunch that day I saw you looking. I was going to come over to you but Jamie came. She found out that I liked you and she was trying to make you jealous. I saw you look away you know when she... well yeah. I pushed her of me. You then had gone. I finally got close to you I got to talk to you. You were so interesting but I knew I shouldn’t have got to close. When you were in my room Jamie knew you were there.’

‘How could she off known?’

‘She saw your book. She tried making you jealous.’ He looked into my eyes. He searched for something and carried on. ‘You did not get to hear what I was going to say. I decided to keep away I didn’t want to hurt you and as you can see it has not worked out.’ He gestured between us. He lifted one of his hands and stroked my cheek. ‘You don’t know how much I think about you. Your smile, the blush in your cheeks, your amazing legs.’ He looked down at my legs and laughed I laughed to.

‘You know what I used to get picked on when I was younger,’ I said, ‘They called me tree and giraffe but the worse thing was How is the weather up there?’ He smirked.

His face straightened out his lifted the other hand to my face. He slowly came in I closed my eyes ready. Then it happened his lips touched mine. At first soft and gentle then slowly he got harder. I slipped my fingers through his black hair. My mouth parted. But he then pulled away. He held my head between his hands.

‘We have company.’

I quickly stumbled up. Miss Trout walked in. Her face red and sweaty.

‘What are you doing in here Mr Malone?’ She turned onto Ethan.

He looked at me. ‘Kim had slipped and knocked herself conscious. I heard her fall as I walked passed. I had to wake her up. She had a few bad injuries.’ He pointed to my nose and the bloody rag that was on the top of the bin bag.

Miss Trout opened her mouth and closed it again, a bit like a fish. ‘Right, you two can bring that stuff down and I will take Kim to her next lesson.’

‘I guess I can come as well. I’m in her next lesson.’ Ethan turned and smirked at me we were already halfway to the cleaning cupboard. Miss Trout turned red in the face; froth came out of the side of her mouth. Her face twitched, I guess that was a yes.

I took my place in Maths, next to that abandoned seat. Where was Sheldon? Ill? Has he been fostered? Or has he sniffed it? Whatever it was it spooked me. Reasons rushing through my head... what if I was next?

The class started to fill in, still no Sheldon. The last stragglers came in and Mr Grayson stood up to face us.

He was about to talk when the door slammed open. There in the entrance was a tall muscular boy. His shirt half ripped, this the girls liked. His brunette hair whipped all over his face. A few small red spots were at the side of his forehead, Sheldon! It can’t be, he looked nothing like the giggling Sheldon I had met. He was strong and confidence, and very handsome! How could it be him?

His huge feet clumped over to our table. All the girls including Hannah all looked gobsmacked. I looked over to Ethan; he sat rigid in his seat, a frown etched on his face. I looked at Sheldon again; he sat down next to me. His arm draped over the back of my chair. What can I do? All I could do was face forwards and concentrate on Mr Grayson. Everyone was looking at our table, looking back and forth, to my face than to his. Mr Grayson looked firmly at Sheldon:

‘What do you think you are doing? Sauntering into this room late, slamming the door. Do you think that behaviour is acceptable Mr Harris?’ Mr Grayson’s face was red and big as a balloon. His eyes popping out of their sockets.

Sheldon rolled his eyes and replied. ‘No sir, sorry sir.’ His tone was sarcastic but Mr Grayson did not notice.

‘Okay, Mr Harris thank you very much.’ He turned back to the board.

Mr Grayson set our work and returned back to his desk. Mr Grayson’s room was very tidy. Not a mark in sight. He cleaned his room again and again. Maybe four times a day! Top to bottom the room was spotless. The windows had no bars on letting jets of light through. In the horizon you could see the Dark Forest. The room was painted a sickly yellow covered in Mathematical posters, from algebra to our times tables. The tables were in neat rows seating two. On the tables there were calculators, rubbers, rulers, colours and pencils. These were kept neat and tidy, if someone knocked them out of place he would keep them back for ten minutes, writing lines.

His room was boring to match himself. Our work was algebra, I looked at my paper, and the terms looked like a foreign language to me.

‘That’s 12a+13b.’ Sheldon pointed to question one.

‘Thanks’ I muttered. I kept my eyes down, daring not to look up.

‘You have beautiful hair!’ Sheldon pulled his fingers through my hair sending shivers down my back. I pulled away and smiled. ‘Thank you again.’ I said.

Sheldon stared into my eyes I’ve never noticed the colour of his eyes, green, but not like a normal green but bright and unusual. He smirked and with his other hand he slowly rose it up. Oh no! I need to get out!

‘Hi Sheldon!’ It was Ethan. ‘Haven’t seen you for a while. Been busy much?’

Sheldon’s mouth turned twitching with anger. He closed his eyes and massaged his temples. He finally looked up.

‘Nowt much, I’ve been here and there. Been ill for a while.’ Sheldon grimaced.

Sheldon stretched and put his arm around my shoulder his hand slid slowly down. I tried to pull away but Sheldon’s grip tightened, digging into my skin. Ethan pulled at Sheldon’s arm twisting it; I have never noticed how strong Ethan is. Sheldon slid to the floor in pain. His face showed pain turning red then purple.

‘Ethan. Stop it!’ I said as quiet as I could, the lesson was still going on and no one had seemed to notice what had happened. Ethan loosened his grip. It was so fast; Sheldon pulled Ethan to the floor and was on top of him, giving him hard blows to his face. It did not seem to hurt Ethan no marks nothing!

‘Stop it- I pulled at Sheldon’s arm. A sharp pain went through my nose and I let out a high shriek!

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