Wolf Girl

Kim is just a normal girl, she is an orphan and is from England. She has moved back and forth from care home to care home and has now ended up in America. She now stays in a big care home called Loving Friends but do not take the name seriously! Miss Trout, the most scary woman Kim has ever seen is in charge and she is not going to be kind!
Kim is soon to find the beautiful jaw dropping Ethan. Who soon falls for her. Electricity tingles when they touch. But Ethan has a secret, and that secret can not be known or Kim's life could be in danger.


8. Party


I woke with my light tap at the door. I stepped into the shower this time washing my hair. The last time I did that was when I was England in Heathrow airport hotel. My hair smelt of apples I looked at myself in the mirror and decided I looked fine. Em and I walked to our room. Ethan didn’t stop me just gave me a slight smirk and was gone.

I dried my hair and put it in a bun. I slipped on my shorts, another warm day, shoved a vest on and tied my converse up. I looked in the mirror. I will get through this day the party will be fine and soon I will be tucked up in bed. Okay I was ready.

Morning passed quickly. Biology, we watched another film. Again Ethan kept looking at me; I stared at the screen, acting all cool. As I do. English: Shakespeare, Maths: Brackets. Mr Grayson completely ignored me. Sheldon still was not there and no nightmares. Wooh!

The day went quick and in 20 minutes the party would start. Hannah and Em were already ready and sat on my bed helping me to choose what to wear.

‘You don’t want to wear something to flashy.’ Em said.

‘But you don’t want to wear something to casual.’ Hannah added.

In the end I was wearing my shorts, checked shirt and Doc Martens. Done. My hair was straight and flowing down my back. (With a few plaits in that Em did.)

We entered the main hall to find the hall packed with kids already. Balloons scattered the floor with a few streamers, food was provided in the far corner and music was thumping from the turn tables at the front of the crowd. A lad called Jake, as I recall was blasting out Coldplay- Paradise.

Sarah and Daniel ran up to us. Red faced puffed out from all the dancing.

‘Hey guys! This party is awesome!’ Sarah shouted over the music.

Em found her gang of friends and was at the food already. Han and I went to the dance floor and swayed with the music.

‘By the way I can’t dance!’ I shouted.

‘Me either.’

We were in hysterics when a boy about 17 walked over to Han.

‘Like to dance?’

Han gave me a quick glance. I nodded.

I walked over to the food table and picked a drink of coke up.

‘Fancy seeing you here.’ I turned around to find Ethan just a few feet away from me.

‘Oh yeah I am a right party animal!’ He burst out laughing. It was like a boom a few people looked.

‘I can see that!’ He looked down at my outfit. ‘Nice shorts and them legs Wow!’ I looked down at my long legs. They were covered in bruises from various falls. I’m very clumsy. I guess they are okay legs. I used always get picked on for my size. I towered over the other kids at my schools and care homes. They called me giraffe, tree and the worst one ‘

‘How is the weather up there?’ It is fine thanks. My eyes met his. They had sympathy in them as if he just read my mind.

‘Do you wanna dance?’ Oh no! I’m either going to stand on his toes or fall on the floor.

‘I can’t dance.’

He smirked. ‘I’ll work something out.’ He took my hand and led me to the dance floor. Adele was playing. He stopped in the middle of the dance floor; he wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me onto his feet. I giggled.

‘I feel like you are my Dad standing on his toes.’ I flushed at that.

‘I hope to be more than that.’ He muttered.

‘What. My grand dad.’ He grinned.


We flew around the dance floor in circles. People staring. I caught Han’s eyes. They were wide open, shocked. All I could do was laugh. We moved further and further of the dance floor and out the doors. He stopped twirling and lifted me of his feet. I felt dizzy and I nearly fell but his hand caught me elbow. ‘Thanks.’ I giggled. He placed his hand in mine and led me up a small hill. The sky was dim and a shade of purple. We made it up the hill and layed down. His arm wrapped round my shoulders, pulling me in. Our knees touching. I felt right there, in the warmth of his arms. I placed my hand on his chest feeling for his heartbeat. He tensed up. I looked at him.

‘What’s up?’ His eyes were disturbed. They were turning even more black than usual.

‘Nothing.’ But that was not it. There was something. Maybe it was when I touched his chest, I was only curious. I sat up letting his arm drop.

‘There must be something. You’ve suddenly gone all quiet with me. I will go if you want me to.’ He closed his eyes and pinched the top of his nose. He shook his head lightly.

I stayed sat up and picked his hand up. I trace the lines of his hands all the way up to his fingers. Tracing the veins on his wrist with my finger. His eyes were on me. ‘I’m sorry should I stop?’

‘I don’t want you to but we have to go.’


‘I’m sorry,’ he lifted his body up facing me. ‘Just we do need to go. It’s nearly dark.’ His eyes looked up to the darkening sky.

‘Okay.’ His fingers traced my mouth then my eyes.

‘Don’t be sad.’ His eyes drooped as he said that.

‘I’m not I’m more relaxed. That’s nice.’ He was now tracing my cheekbones.

The pounding music from the hall was quieting down. Slow music now.

‘Do you want a last dance?’ He was already stood up hand poised towards me. I took it and that fizzing sensation started up again. We pounded down the hill into the main hall just to catch the end of Meatloaf. Beautiful by Christina Aguilera started up. We took our place on the dance floor and danced the night away.

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