Wolf Girl

Kim is just a normal girl, she is an orphan and is from England. She has moved back and forth from care home to care home and has now ended up in America. She now stays in a big care home called Loving Friends but do not take the name seriously! Miss Trout, the most scary woman Kim has ever seen is in charge and she is not going to be kind!
Kim is soon to find the beautiful jaw dropping Ethan. Who soon falls for her. Electricity tingles when they touch. But Ethan has a secret, and that secret can not be known or Kim's life could be in danger.


16. Mine


A gentle knock rapped on my door, I opened it to find Ethan. His hair whipped into the usual hairstyle, a black T-shirt which covered his muscles and some black skinny jeans. He was so beautiful; I am still stunned that he is mine.

We walked hand in hand (limping a bit) downstairs and across the courtyard for breakfast. As we walked people stared, a bit like my first day here. Ethan was fine but I was a tiny bit self conscious.

Em and Han were joined by Adam and Mike. Han was looking lazily at Adam as he was making a speech. We walked over and sat down. Everyone looked at us shocked and giddy, mainly Han and Em. Han, Em and I went up to get our breakfast leaving the boys to chat. The bombarding started as we stepped in line. Han first.

‘So, it’s official. You know you and Ethan.’ My face turned to a light pink. I looked over to our table, all the boys were in hysterics over something, and it bugged me to know. I turned back to Han and Ems anticipated looks.

‘I guess, yeah.’ We all burst out in giggles, getting a few funny looks from people.

We sat back down to hear the end of the lad’s conversation, about basketball. But I felt like they weren’t actually talking about that they just changed the subject when we came.

Adam, Mike and Ethan ate nothing. They just watched us eating our toast and cereal. Ethan seemed happier now I was eating more as well.

‘Erm, guys. Why aren’t you eating?’ Em asked curiously. I’m glad she asked instead of me.

It took them a long while to think before Mike said.

‘We’re not that hungry. We have already had something to eat earlier this morning.’ I looked at Ethan he smirked. I think they might have made a visit to Ethan’s secret stash.

Slowly the hall got emptier. It was a warm day people were wearing shorts and vest or dresses. I was wearing my floral dress and some sandals. The weather here is strange, one minute it’s freezing cold the next it’s boiling. I wish it would make its mind up.

Sarah came over to our table and collected Adam. Mike drifted off to his little gang and Em and Han went off for their usual walk. Leaving just me and Ethan.

‘So, what do you want to do today?’ Ethan asked we walked out of the hall.

‘I don’t know. What would you like to do?’

He smirked. ‘Well there are a few things I wouldn’t mind doing but I don’t think we can today,’ Pause. ‘Do you want to go for a walk?’

I nodded still stunned from the last remark he just made. We seemed to be walking forever until I noticed where we were. We were heading to the forest where I slept the night in anger. Anger over Ethan actually and now I was going back in with him, no anger at all.

The same damp air stuck to my skin as we traced the steps I took. The trees slowly separated into an opening where that wonderful long, green grass was. Everything was the same. The small stream surrounded by rocks and flowers. The long grass blowing in the wind and a spot where the grass was flat from someone sleeping there. I looked up at Ethan to find him looking straight at me.

‘You like?’ He asked.

‘I love!’ I skipped over to the stream and dipped my feet in. My toes wiggled as fish swam around each toe. The slimy rocks cooled my feet from the warm water. A warm splash hit the side of me. We splashed each other, laughing, until we were soaked through to our skin. Ethan took of his wet T-shirt revealing hard muscles wrapped in olive skin. We layed in that same spot I slept in, drying in the sun.

Eventually I felt dry enough to sit up. My dress was stiff and cold but I did not care.

Ethan’s eyes were closed; it looked like he was in a deep sleep.  I picked up his hand and traced the lines on his palm, I knew he liked this. I slowly traced up his arm and onto his chest. Last time I had touched his chest he freaked out. But this time he was fine. My finger traced along all his muscles in the crevices of them.

‘You want to know something?’Ethan asked, I nodded. ‘When I arrived here, I felt like I was never going to fall in love. But then you came and it all changed. You were like a light, guiding me towards you.’

‘But you fell in love with someone else before me. Jamie.’ His face fell and he frowned.

‘No that was not love, more pity for her. I felt bad; she’d asked me a few times before I said yes. I guess, I thought if I go out with her then I might fall in love with her. I never did. The way she hurt people and upset them, people started to judge me. They thought I was the reason she acted like this, but I never did encourage her.’ He looked sad and disappointed.

‘Hey its okay!’ I stroked his cheek, he took my hand and placed his lips to every knuckle and back again.

Eventually his lips were on mine, slow at first then harder.

Night fell and we layed side by side looking into each other’s eyes.

‘Do you fancy camping?’ He asked, I giggled and nodded.

I snuggled close up to him our bodies entwined with each other. Falling asleep together under the moon and stars, in our place.

I was the first awake, I sat up stretched and went to look for food. I went to the area I found berries the last time.

I came back with a handful of wild berries and spread them on the floor. I was just measuring them between us when Ethan’s eyes snapped open, making me jump and the berries scattering everywhere.

‘Sorry.’ Ethan mumbled as he picked up the berries. His hair was messy and had pieces of long grass stuck out his hair. He placed them back in the pile and stood up. ‘I’ll go and get some food.’ I looked down at our pathetic breakfast and nodded. I looked back up to see a bush rustle and an empty spot. I decided this is the best time to get washed. I walked over to the stream found a deep part of the stream and stripped of. The warm water went up to my chest covering all my contents. The sun was beating down onto my scalp; I dipped my head into the water. I didn’t hear someone come into the entrance until someone shouted my name. My head broke through the water there was Ethan, bag in hand and well groomed. His hair was brushed and he had a new T-shirt on. He smirked at me. ‘Having a bath?’ My face blushed and I went back under the water. The water rippled and Ethan’s warm hands were around my waist pulling me up. I broke through the water and found his lips. We spun in the water, his warm body against mine making me dizzy.

I broke off for air finding Ethan gasping as well. He smiled and kissed my forehead. ‘Hungry?’ I nodded, in fact I was starving. I hid behind a tree and got changed into my clothes. My clothes stuck to my skin rubbing. I sat next to Ethan who had spread our breakfast out rolls, apples, toast and a flask of coffee.

‘Wow! How did you get this out of the hall?’ I was shocked. You can’t just walk out with this much food and a flask without getting noticed. Mmmmm. It was hard enough to smuggle food out for me with just a few slices of toast then all of this.

‘I’m very sneaky!’ He laughed poking me in the ribs. I giggled and picked up a red apple. It tasted good. We ate in silence sharing the coffee he drank out of the flask and I drank out of the cup.

‘I’ll go take this back.’ He gestured at the flask. He walked out of the opening leaving me alone again. I layed out letting my breakfast settle. This is the life I thought.

There was a loud crack of twigs coming from the opening. I sat up expecting to see Ethan, no one was there. A bush rustled, and more twigs snapped.

‘Ethan?’ I called out. No answer. More rustling. ‘Is that you Ethan?’ I added. ‘It’s not funny!’ Still no answer.

I stood up and started to back down near the stream. A figure stepped out into the opening, Jamie. Her eyes were glaring and she was smirking.

‘Soo,’ Jamie slurred, has she been drinking. Already? ‘You have been a very bad girl!’ She took a step forward.

‘How have I?’ Jamie laughed at this.

‘You, should know why Kim. I saw you and Ethan in the stream, staying here all night! Joan won’t be happy will she! You’ve already been drinking in your room; you have been staying with a bad boy as well.’ How does she know all of this, is she a perv or something! Then it clicked together she must of placed the bottle in my room, angry with me and jealous.

‘Who’s a bad boy?’ Of course I knew which boy it was but I wanted to know why.

‘Ethan you dirp!’ She was so close now I could see her mouth frothing with anger.

‘How is he?’ I was acting so dumb.

‘Oooo! He hasn’t told you yet?!’

‘Told me what?’ What is she talking about?

‘Ethan isn’t all you think he is,’ she started to circle me like a predator and I was her prey. ‘He’s been keeping a BIG secret from you! When I started to go out with him he told me straight away!’ She started to get closer and closer in, ready to attack!

‘What are you getting onto?’

‘Well,’ she started to lick her lips, she is so strange! ‘Haven’t you noticed his warm skin, warmer than yours?’ actually I have. ‘Haven’t you noticed his dark eyes and purple shadows under them?’ yes! ‘Haven’t you noticed his amazing looks and huge muscles?’ Oh yeah! ‘Are you that dumb Kim? Put all that together and what do you get? A-

‘Jamie!’ A familiar husky voice came from the opening. Ethan was stood then his face going red with anger. ‘What are you doing here?’

Jamie jumped at the tone of his voice and put a sickly smile on. ‘Nothing Ethan. I just came to see you and Kim. Everyone has been wondering where you have been. I was worried.’ Oh she is such a liar. I just wanted to slap that orange face!

Ethan pointed his finger behind him. ‘GO! NOW!’ Jamie trembled and ran off.

Ethan pinched the bridge of his nose and sat down. I walked and sat in front of him.

‘What did she say?’ His voice was still hard but he was calming down.

‘Nothing! She just said about people wondering where we were.’ Ethan was un- convinced but he let it go with a sigh.

He lifted my hand up and placed it on his cheek.

As we were walking back out of the forest and fields we noticed people getting onto buses to go into the town.

‘Shit!’ I shouted. Ethan was shocked.

‘What?’ He asked.

‘I was supposed to go into town today to get a haircut.’ I picked at my untidy ponytail.

‘Oh.’ The buses left leaving a few stragglers to walk like me.

I started to walk back to the dorms when Ethan pulled me back.

‘I can get you into town quicker than walking and the bus.’ His eyes were wild. Oh no! What was he planning?

He dragged me through the building and un- noticeably out the main door. We were in the car park and Ethan was searching for something. He must have found it because he grabbed my hand and pulled me to a Jeep, Grand Cherokee I think. When I was younger my dad used to be a car mad freak. He would take me to Goodwood every year, looking at the old cars and watching the new cars driving on the track. It was great!

‘Is this yours?’ I asked Ethan shocked. Where could he have got this from?

‘You like?’ He smiled.

‘I love!’ He grinned at this. I circled the Jeep stroking my hand along it. ‘How did you get this?’

‘A present.’ I finally came back to where I started it was huge!

‘Wow! They’re generous!’ He just nodded. ‘Right how am I going to get into this?’ I was suddenly lifted into the air and placed in a leather seat. His warm hands were quick as I strapped me in. He shut the door and opened the driver’s door.

‘Where to then?’ He said as he turned the engine.


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