Wolf Girl

Kim is just a normal girl, she is an orphan and is from England. She has moved back and forth from care home to care home and has now ended up in America. She now stays in a big care home called Loving Friends but do not take the name seriously! Miss Trout, the most scary woman Kim has ever seen is in charge and she is not going to be kind!
Kim is soon to find the beautiful jaw dropping Ethan. Who soon falls for her. Electricity tingles when they touch. But Ethan has a secret, and that secret can not be known or Kim's life could be in danger.


2. Loving Friends


The house was in a vast area on the outskirts of a large town. The bricks were grey and battered from various storms. Moss crept up the walls joined by brown vines. It looked like there was a window to a room, except on the bottom floor where it had two. Chains and padlocks covered the higher floors windows.

‘They must be the dangerous and bad kids.’ I thought to myself.

There were cobbled pathways shooting of in different directions, one leading up to the doorway.

No flowers, more weeds actually.

No foxes and wildlife.

No smiling children.

My eyes traced every single error. How could Joan lie to me? My eyes met hers angry with her she gave me an ‘It’s only for a while’ look. The one she always gives me as I am given to a new smiling woman or man.

This time though Joan was not giving me to a smiling woman or man. Oh No!

There in the middle of the doorway was the most disturbing creature I had ever seen. More disturbing than the time I saw a cat gobble up a baby bird, beak and all. This creature was dressed in a tight pinstripe suit and skirt just covering her knees.

Her face was crumpled from the wind. You could see her nostrils flaring and her blood red eyes following my moves as I stepped closer to the monster.

She was in charge.

She was going to control my life.

She stepped towards me in her small sharp heels.

Looking down at me she addressed me:

‘Miss Brown,’ she had a husky southern accent.’ I am Miss Trout. I am your social worker and leader. You will do as I say when I say,’ she paced back and forth in front of me and Joan.’ You will follow the rules and your schedule. You will be home schooled by myself and the other staff. 3 meals a day. Snacks prohibited. Treats given out if you are good.’

 I will be dead by the end of this week.

‘Do you understand me?’ She bellowed spitting over me and Joan.

I nodded weakly. My body tensed up as If I was going to cry. Joan left with a tight squeeze to my arm and a kiss on the cheek.

I am alone and unhappy.

I live in hell!

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