Wolf Girl

Kim is just a normal girl, she is an orphan and is from England. She has moved back and forth from care home to care home and has now ended up in America. She now stays in a big care home called Loving Friends but do not take the name seriously! Miss Trout, the most scary woman Kim has ever seen is in charge and she is not going to be kind!
Kim is soon to find the beautiful jaw dropping Ethan. Who soon falls for her. Electricity tingles when they touch. But Ethan has a secret, and that secret can not be known or Kim's life could be in danger.


3. Home


I have had my first night in Loving Friends.

After Miss Trout had made her speech, and Joan had gone, I was ushered to my new room.

Inside the house it was as bad as the outside. The walls were peeling; floorboards creaked at our every step. Barred doors, leading off to other crazy corridors.

There were no pictures hanging on the walls except one in the main entrance. It was of an old man with grey hair sprouting out of the top of his head in different directions. It was framed with golden letters imprinted at the bottom:

        ‘Owner and founder of Loving Friends.’

The owner held the same frown as the woman next to me. Father and Daughter maybe.

Cobwebs scattered the oak stairs leading onto five other floors. There were no toys in sight ready to trip you up. No marks where kids have slipped and left marks from their shoes nothing. No life in a lifeless place.

The building was quiet and children were supposed to be in bed. Or maybe they are huddled together in their room gossiping about this and that.

We arrived at a wooden door a few marks etched into the door saying Room 6.

‘This here is your schedule. Read it carefully. Do not and I mean Do Not lose it. It will come out of your pocket money and punishment will be brought into consideration. You will wake up at 6:00 am and get ready. The girl’s bathroom is down this corridor and the first door on the right. It is not that hard! That is everything. Miss Brown.’  She turned on her heel leaving me at last.

I put the room key into the lock and twisted it. I entered and the smell of smoke was in the air pinching at my nose. I imagined teens puffing away at their cigarettes and rolls.  

‘Great’ I thought out loud.

I sat on my metal bed and opened my folder.

‘Page 1

This is your handbook and schedule. It will stay with you everywhere you go. If you lose or damage this folder it will come out of your pocket money and punishment will be brought into consideration. Follow the rules you will receive good things if you don’t follow the rules well you know the consequences.


My schedule was on the next page. It had the precise times  

I nestled into my thin sheets. Sleep gulped me in.

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